Eating to lower blood pressure

The American Heart Association statement on dietary approaches to lowering blood pressure was published in the February 2006 issue of Hypertension, the AHA's journal on high blood pressure. (Locked) More »

May 2006 HeartBeat references

Safety of bypass drug questioned: New England Journal of Medicine, January 26, 2005, and related editorial Longer survival, more cases, boost heart failure population: Circulation, February 14, 2006; related article on statins and heart failure also in Circulation, February 28, 2006 Coffee may slow the flow: Journal of the American College of Cardiology, February January 17, 2006 (Locked) More »

Better diet? No pressure.

Adhering to any or all of these five simple dietary rules can help lower blood pressure, which lessens the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. (Locked) More »

Heart Beat: Safety of bypass drug questioned

Patients undergoing bypass surgery are often given a clotting drug. Two studies suggest that the risk of a post-surgery stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure is substantially higher after receiving one such drug, Trasylol. (Locked) More »