Check your fitness

No treadmill needed for this test. With the American Heart Association's one mile fitness test you can get a good estimate of your cardiovascular fitness by walking for a mile. (Locked) More »

March 2006 HeartBeat references

Pay attention to shortness of breath: New England Journal of Medicine, November 3, 2005 Play it safe, avoid L-arginine supplements: Journal of the American Medical Association, January 4, 2006 A little quiet for the heart, please: European Heart Journal, February 2006 (Locked) More »

Reading about peripheral arterial disease

To learn more—much more—about peripheral artery disease, you can read a 75-page "executive summary" of the new guidelines for diagnosis and treatment or the full 191-page full report. (Locked) More »

Statement on sterols

The American Heart Association's science advisory on plant sterols and stanols offers good background information on their connection with cholesterol. (Locked) More »

Survival of the fittest

Cardiovascular fitness is an important indicator of one's overall health. This article describes how individuals can measure their own fitness and suggests potential ways to improve it. (Locked) More »