Is it a health problem, or is it just aging?

It's important for people not to assume that physical changes in older years are simply occurring because of age. Some conditions, such as vision or hearing impairment, may indicate a more serious underlying health problem. (Locked) More »

Start moving with a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers accurately record objective data about physical activity, including the pace, distance, intensity, and duration of exercise. Knowing that something is keeping track of every move can motivate people to stick with a workout. (Locked) More »

Healthier meals on the go

It's best to prepare healthy food in advance to avoid reaching for packaged foods during hectic meal times. If one must eat packaged foods, one should look for entrees with real foods on the ingredient list, and little added sugar. More »

Which tests do you need in 2016?

Screening for disease and early detection are essential to optimal health and help identify problems when they're more treatable and curable. It's best for individuals to talk to their doctors about which screenings are right for them. (Locked) More »