Update on acetaminophen

After the August 2009 issue went to press, an FDA advisory panel made several recommendations regarding acetaminophen at its June 29-30 meeting. Although this is an important step, it's not the final word: the FDA isn't required to follow the advice of its advisory committee, which are made up of outside experts. The agency is expected to make a final decision on the acetaminophen recommendations some time in the next several months. And, naturally, there will be some lag before any changes are implemented. (Locked) More »

Editor's note

The editor in chief of the Harvard Health Letter introduces a special section in this month's issue focusing on feet. (Locked) More »

Coming out of its shell

Concerns about shrinking fish populations may move health-conscious eaters to choose more shellfish. Informed shoppers should be aware of the differences in nutritional value and potential toxins among various types of shellfish. (Locked) More »

Overdoing acetaminophen

Accidental overdoses and potential liver damage have raised concerns about the safety of acetaminophen. As a result, the FDA is considering lowering the recommended safe daily limit. More »