Treating erectile dysfunction with penile implants

Penile implants, an option patients with erectile dysfunction probably hear little about, might offer a lasting and satisfying cure. Abraham Morgentaler, M.D., director of Men’s Health Boston, explains how.

Thanks to Viagra’s introduction more than a decade ago, erectile dysfunction has become fodder for comedians, talk shows, and mainstream media. And there’s clearly a market for Viagra (sildenafil) and its cousins, Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil): the American Urological Association estimates that ED, as it’s become known, affects 25 million American men.

All three medications have helped a significant number of men achieve an erection firm enough for intercourse. A 2001 study of Viagra’s long-term effectiveness reported an overall success rate of 69%. The success rates for Cialis and Levitra were similar — 59% and 69%, respectively. However, the response can depend on what caused the ED in the first place. Men who have vascular problems as a result of diabetes or heart disease find that the drugs work only about half of the time. Response rates are lower — just 30% — for men who’ve had a radical prostatectomy.

Men who cannot take the ED medications or find them ineffective do have other options. For example, injections, penile bands, and vacuum erection devices can help men with ED achieve and sustain an erection. Yet many men and their partners find that using these aids requires planning and eliminates spontaneity, or that they produce less-than-satisfactory results.

For these men, a penile implant, also called a penile prosthesis, may be the best option. Men with an implant can have an erection at any time — and maintain it for as long as they want — without the use of medication or other devices, allowing for greater spontaneity. Broadly speaking, there are two types of implants:

  • Inflatable implants. These may have a two- or three-piece design. Three-piece implants consist of a fluid-filled reservoir in the abdomen, a pump with a release valve in the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders in the penis (see Figure 1). Squeezing the pump transfers fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders, causing an erection. Pushing the release valve drains the fluid back into the abdominal reservoir. Two-piece implants combine the fluid-filled reservoir and the pump in the scrotum (see Figure 2). Bending the penis returns the fluid to the reservoir.
  • Semirigid, or malleable, rods. As the name implies, this type of implant consists of bendable rods, usually constructed of braided stainless steel wires or articulating plastic disks, covered with silicone (see Figure 3). The rods are bent upward to have sex and pointed down to conceal the device under clothing. This type of implant is always firm.

Figure 1: Three-piece inflatable penile implant

Three-piece inflatable penile implant

To create an erection with a three-piece penile implant, repeatedly squeeze the pump bulb implanted in the scrotum. This transfers fluid from the abdominal reservoir to the inflatable cylinders. Pushing the release valve sends fluid back to the reservoir and returns the penis to its flaccid state (see inset).

Figure 2: Two-piece inflatable penile implant

Two-piece inflatable penile implant

To create an erection with a two-piece penile implant, repeatedly squeeze the pump bulb. Bending the penis transfers fluid from the inflatable cylinders back to the pump bulb and returns the penis to its flaccid state (see inset).

Figure 3: Semirigid (malleable) penile implant

Semirigid (malleable) penile implant

The semirigid, or malleable, penile implant always remains firm. Bend the rods upward for sexual intercourse; point them down to conceal the implant under clothing (see inset).

Most patients choose an inflatable device because the penis looks more natural — both when erect and when flaccid — than with semirigid rods. Inflatable implants expand the girth of the penis, creating a firmer-feeling erection; depending on the model, the penis may also lengthen. One downside to inflatable implants is the risk of mechanical trouble, which can run from the merely inconvenient or embarrassing (unintended inflation, for example) to the relatively serious (a leaky reservoir that requires surgical repair or an overly large implant that breaks through the skin).

Some patients opt for malleable devices because they are easier to manipulate than inflatable implants, which require some manual dexterity. As far as the surgery goes, a single incision makes them simpler to insert. But because the rods always remain firm, they’re harder to conceal. (For a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each type, see Table 1.)

Table 1: Penile implants compared

Implant type Advantages Disadvantages Notes/comments
3-piece inflatable
  • Acts and feels more like a natural erection than other models.
  • Requires more manual dexterity than other implants.
  • Chance of unintended erection, depending on the model.
  • Possibility of leakage or malfunction.
  • Most expensive type of implant.
  • Requires the most extensive surgery of all implants.
  • Inflate/deflate device inserted in scrotum. Squeeze the pump to inflate and press the release valve to deflate.
  • Fluid reservoir inserted in abdomen.
  • Lock-out valve on some models prevents unintended inflation.
2-piece inflatable
  • Penis looks more natural in erect and flaccid states than the semirigid implant.
  • Easier to operate than the 3-piece implant.
  • No abdominal incision.
  • Possibility of leakage or malfunction.
  • Squeeze and release the pump several times to move fluid into penile cylinders. Bending and holding the penis causes cylinders to soften.
  • Penis does not deflate as fully as with 3-piece implant.
Semirigid, or malleable, rods
  • Easy to use, especially for those with limited dexterity.
  • Requires the least extensive surgery.
  • Fewest parts, so less chance of malfunction.
  • Least expensive type of implant.
  • Constantly firm.
  • Not as easy to conceal as 2- and 3-piece implants.
  • For intercourse, lift the penis and make the rods as straight as possible.
  • Some models can be bent in multiple places to fit more comfortably under clothing.

Various textbooks and Web sites claim that three-piece inflatable implants are the most popular option because they produce the most natural-looking erection and the greatest flaccidity, making them easier to conceal. Although one Web site estimates that 70% of patients opt for a three-piece device, about 90% of my patients choose a two-piece implant. That’s mainly because they are easier to inflate and deflate than three-piece models. And sometimes (though not always), previous radiation therapy or abdominal surgery, such as a kidney transplant or radical prostatectomy, makes surgery to place the abdominal reservoir difficult and risky; a two-piece device may be best in these circumstances. True, flaccidity may not be as complete with a two-piece implant as with a three-piece, but many of my patients tell me that they appreciate having a fuller-looking penis.

Regardless of the model chosen, patients and their partners report a high degree of satisfaction with penile implants over all. One study found no significant difference in patient satisfaction between the malleable and inflatable implants, though the patients’ partners reported greater satisfaction with the inflatable implants. Of 425 men in a British study of penile implants, most of whom had the malleable variety, 89% could have sexual intercourse, and 81% were satisfied with the implant results. (For details on these and other studies, see “Patient satisfaction,” below.)

Patient satisfaction

Brinkman MJ, Henry GD, Wilson SK, et al. A Survey of Patients with Inflatable Penile Prostheses for Satisfaction. Journal of Urology 2005;174:253–57. PMID: 15947649.

Lux M, Reyes-Vallejo L, Morgentaler A, Levine LA. Outcomes and Satisfaction Rates for the Redesigned 2-Piece Penile Prosthesis. Journal of Urology 2007;177:262–66. PMID: 17162061.

Minervini A, Ralph DJ, Pryor JP. Outcome of Penile Prosthesis Implantation for Treating Erectile Dysfunction: Experience with 504 Procedures. BJU International 2006;97:129–133. PMID: 16336342.

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Specific implant models have received high marks, too. A recent analysis of satisfaction rates for a two-piece penile implant pegged patient satisfaction at 85% and partner satisfaction at 76%. Of the patients, 86% said that they would recommend the prosthesis to a friend in a similar situation or undergo the procedure again. An Italian study of 200 patients who received a three-piece implant and 120 partners found that 92% of patients and 96% of partners were satisfied with their sexual activity. And anecdotally, dozens and dozens of my patients have said, “Doc, I wish I had gotten an implant years ago.”

What held them back? Most of the men I talk to say that penile implants were never presented to them as an option. The number of urologists who regularly perform implant surgery is limited. Many may claim that they do the procedure, but most perform only a few a year, hardly enough to keep their skills sharp. As a result, they don’t suggest it to patients, or they downplay the possibility when asked.

The other significant hurdle is psychological. Patients who have had a radical prostatectomy often say that the thought of another surgery discourages them. Other patients fear having something artificial in their body or worry that the implant will look and feel unnatural. And for others, puritanical thinking creates an internal moral struggle: Is it okay to undergo surgery just to have sex? What will my friends think? I often remind people that heart patients have implanted devices like pacemakers and defibrillators, which are considered perfectly normal. And let’s not forget how much of our personal identity is tied to our sexuality.

I am certainly not suggesting that people can take the decision lightly. To the contrary, it requires a lot of thought. The procedure itself cannot be reversed, eliminating the possibility that natural erections will return, even if the implant is removed. And as with all surgeries, patients are at risk of infection. The infection rate is about on par with that of other surgical procedures — about 1% to 3% of patients develop an infection. Rates are higher among patients with immune system disorders and chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. Mechanical failure may also occur, though improvements to implants have made problems less common. A recent analysis of 455 patients with a three-piece device estimated that more than 81% of devices were free of mechanical trouble after 10 years.

The procedure itself takes about one to two hours. While you are under either general or spinal anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision where the penis meets the scrotum, or alternatively, above the penis, just above the pubic bone. Next, the surgeon will stretch the spongy tissue that lines the corpora cavernosa (see Figure 4), the side-by-side chambers that run the length of the penis, to determine the correct-size prosthesis. After flushing the area with an antibiotic solution, he or she will seat the implant cylinders in the corpora cavernosa. If you are getting a two-piece inflatable implant, the pump and valve mechanism will be inserted in your scrotum. For a three-piece device, the fluid reservoir will be placed into the abdomen.

Figure 4: Anatomy of the penis

Anatomy of the penis

During penile implant surgery, the surgeon inserts the device’s cylinders in the corpora cavernosa, side-by-side chambers that run the length of the penis. For inflatable implants, the surgeon inserts the pump and valve mechanism in the scrotum.

Your doctor will give you antibiotics both before and after surgery. The intensity and duration of postoperative pain may vary. Most men will need to take narcotics for about a week after surgery to relieve the pain. After that, pain can usually be managed with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

My more-motivated patients go home the same day as surgery, but most will spend a night in the hospital. Strenuous physical activity should be avoided for about a month; sexual activity can resume in about four to six weeks, depending on the type of implant.

Patients and their partners are generally more satisfied with the results if they know what to expect from a penile implant. If at all possible, you and your partner should meet with the doctor together before surgery. Make sure you both understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and how the prosthesis works. A few other points to keep in mind:

  • While an implant can cause an erection, it won’t increase desire or sensation.
  • Some men complain that their penis is shorter after surgery than it was when they had erections naturally.
  • An implant will generally preserve the ability to have an orgasm and ejaculate, but it will not restore these abilities if they are already absent.
  • Don’t expect an implant to solve relationship problems. If you and your partner need to resolve conflicts, talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • Share your feelings with your partner and be sensitive to your partner’s concerns. Some partners feel that their sexual pleasure is diminished by the fact that they aren’t involved in creating an erection.

As I mentioned earlier, finding a qualified doctor to perform a penile implant might be tricky. Most large hospitals and academic medical centers will have at least one or two urologists on staff who specialize in sexual dysfunction. Your primary care provider may be able to refer you to a colleague. The Sexual Medicine Society of North America offers a physician finder on its Web site, The Erectile Dysfunction Institute and the Society for Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons also list physicians on their Web site, Medicare and most, though not all, commercial insurance plans cover the diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of ED, which includes the implantation of a penile prosthesis. Some insurance plans may specifically exclude coverage for penile prostheses or cover only certain types, such as the semirigid device. Talk with your physician and insurance carrier to find out exactly what’s covered before making a treatment decision.

If you have ED, you know how trying it can be. The important thing to realize is that just about any man with erection problems can be successfully treated and can have satisfying sexual activity again. Penile implants have allowed many men to regain the ability to achieve an erection and have sex — and restore intimacy in their relationships. For single men who have been afraid to date because they are embarrassed by their ED, penile prosthesis surgery may bestow the self-confidence they need to find a wonderful, supportive partner.

Don’t let ED stand in the way of enjoying your life. If things aren’t working out the way you’d like, consult an expert.

Originally published Jan. 1, 2008; last reviewed April 22, 2011.


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      Have it removed and try the P-shot
      I will have my horrendous implant removed shortly, I’ve had it for four months and can’t stand the pain. I will try PRP afterwards to regenerate my natural penis and hopefully have erectile function and recover my size again.
      I never needed it in the first place because I had erecions but I was pushed by a criminal doctor named W****** C****** who never said how painful and destructive the implant was and didn’t give me the opportunity of a second opinion or research, he rushed me into the OR. He sold it with a bunch of pressure and lies and I stupidly agreed. Worst mistake of my life. These outrageous devices shouldn’t even exist!! The manufacturer pays doctors huge sums of money to promote them even against patients wellbeing like me.
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    • I had three penial implants in me.The in flatable 3 peice.And the all went bad on me.Harris don’t try to have anymore emplants done they are very dangerous.And the more a sergeon puts one in you will get scaring in the tissues.My best thing I wished I had done is a penial pump.Any men that can’t get a hard is a few things you mind want coordinate with the penis or spinal cord damaged which was my case but you can use a penial pump and you will stay hard as Long that the band is at the base of the penis.And your hard on will be bigger and the head will be bigger.Because a inplant will not make the head of the penis hard.But a penial pump is all about pulling the blood in the corpus tunnel of the penis and you will have a harder penis.But the implant will not like I said the more a sergeon does surgery the scaring with grow in side your penis cause no more hard on’s.The penial pump is the very best to make a man natural and no scaring.

  29. Randall

    All these questions and problems I just read are bout the best info I could receive in order to make a clear decision on the procedures I’m offered good job. I’m 61 divorced after 30 years and believe mentally is probably my deepest underlying cause during any intimate incounter I run across its mentally debRandallilitating like an off and on switch thats deliberately activated. Frustrating at best but hasn’t stopped me from trying thank God.

  30. Bruce willard

    I was over 7 inches but do to many surgeries and a slip that cut the valve that holds the fluid in the penis. I had to get a 3 piece implant, now I’m 4.5 inches w/less than half the girth. And the doctor keeps saying that there is a reservoir in the head of the penis that will fill to allow me to be almost the same size i was. When that reservior does fill the blood stays in it for 30 seconds or less, and im left with something that doesnt satisfy anyone I’ve been with. What are my options or are there any.

  31. Aly Kareem

    Hi Doctor , I want to make this simirigid. Operation , what will my penus look like after this operation , ? what is the time I need to recover ? Can I make sex immediately after operation ?

  32. Robert Clayton

    Dr. R.K.Mishra, is one of the most recognised doutors in India, i know a lot of wealthy britishgovrrnmental officials, who were been seem and treated by him.
    Outstanding Dr. , he is an a urologist and general surgical surgeon.
    He is the only doctor, in the world who sort it out gynocamastia in male men, without making holes, he developed is own technique, outstanding professional.

  33. John Phillips

    Hi guys, i had the same problem as most of you, penile implants, thanks to a friend of mine, he went to India, he had a penile implant at SIPS Super Specialty Surgery Center in Lucknow, speciality hospital, Dr. R.K.Mishra, he had his Medical Degree in USA, super professional, outstanding doctor, the surgery prices are super affordable.
    India as become the number 1 specialist surgical country, all international presidents are treated outhere, they are outstanding doctors, any surgery is less than 5.000 usd, the same treatment you guys get in United Kingdom or United States aroun 10 to 15.000 usd or more.
    Check this hospital, they have 5* Private hospital for foreign with super technologic medical machines.
    Respect for Dr. R.K.MISHRA ( SIPS – LUCKNOW )

    • Attah Govea

      I’m in hospital now because I had a 3 piece break 12 years ago and was replaced with rigid type. Well th surgeon that removed the old one left some pieces behind. It has been a tough stay. Very bad infection developed and has needed 3 specialists to clean it up.
      The Prostate cancer 14 years ago was a walk in the park by comparison. Whatever you decide be careful.

  34. leonard gibbs

    4 days out from implant penis in continual erection position should we be concerned and call the dr

  35. Curtis cline

    I need help I have type 2 diabetes viriga works sometimes what should I do

    • Cutis cline the best thing for you is a penial pump it gives you a natural hard on.Inplants are dangerous.Causes infection,malfunction,erosion and life theating.And if you have one put in you will get scar tissue for life it will ruin you.Try a penial pump first it will really surprise you how much you can get harder bigger and more firmer hard on.And along as you have the band at the base of your penis you can stay hard along as you want and more sensation you will have.

  36. Dave72

    Have 2 piece. Installed in Boston after trying pills and injections didn’t work well after prostate removal. BEST THING THAT HAPPENED! All I can say is my wife and I love it. It restored our sex life! Surgery was easy. Urologist letter outlining my failed tries at other remedies convinced Blue Cross Medicare to pay for it. So called Dry Orgasms happen with enough stimulation.
    I am a fan!!

  37. Jim66

    Fourth implant in under two years. Infections. Now my latest is positioned wrong one of the cylinders. Not happy. But don’t give up on trying. I believe 3piece is the way to go.

  38. Peter104

    plus looks like the inplant make my penis 1 inch smaller, will it take the normal size?

    • Peter104 I had the same problem my implant slip of the bone were the surgeon places tthe other end inside you.My implant come out in my buttocks muscles.The implants are dangerous.The best method is to have it taken out and use a penial pump ordered from my Doctor.It a natural way and best way to have a good hard on.And any one that had this implants in gives you scar tissue making you penis smaller.I have have 3 implant’s in and they eroded infection malfunction life theating

  39. Peter104

    I just had penile inplant 4 weeks ago, Dr. said I can have sex after 6 weeks, eddy the head of my penis is soft too, I have had sex yet…..

  40. Joseph Chajka

    I have a really small penis and would love to get advice on penile implants and have disfunction issues. Any advice would be appreciated.

  41. Randy Cassel

    All implants will have some-type of failure during it’s intended life. Multiple surgeries are a real possibility.

  42. Naiear

    Hi dear sir
    i am naiear age 28 my problem penis sex low time ane penis small please help me
    reply my mail
    thank u

  43. lori

    My friend got a scrotum pumper implant. Now he is too fat. So fat he stretched me and I couldn’t control my pee. I stopped having sex with him, exercised and have finally regained control. What should he do for a too fat implant?

  44. sam

    If you already have a small penis,will this make it even smaller? Plz get back.

  45. Carl

    Question: If I have the 3 part implant will I still be able to ejaculate?

  46. pete d

    I have been reading and don’t think we can do anything about it I cant even jeck off with my if u find a correction please do and I will do the same. Thanks

  47. Ray Sanabria

    In 1991 a I had an Pump Inplant Procedure done, by what I think, were done by inexperinced
    Drs.(even though well intentioned). From day one I was unhappy, it looked deformed & never worked right. In looking and reading the internet, “could there possibly be a correction?

  48. pete d

    I have a short penis and a big belly so when I pump it up it isn’t long enough to reach my wifes vagina, what do I do now if I had to do it all over no way I would have done this can I still jeck off with this penis. thanks for your insight

    • Diane

      Losing weight through diet and exercise. It’s not the pumps fault.

    • K davies

      You can get realistic penis extensions that when you are hard or semi hard rum some gel inside extension squeeze tightly then as you put penis closer the vacuum will pull penis inside, there you go you can now be as big as you like and some are so realistic, good luck my friend.

  49. eddy

    I had a penile implant over 4 years ago and have not been able to have sexual intercourse because the head of my penis is to soft. I also have not been able to ejaculate for at least 2 years. I have not discussed this with the doctor who performed the surgery since he and I had words I don’t go to him. Do you have any suggestions?

  50. Saalim Hashmi

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  51. edclinicrefills

    Its quite a useful information, that’s what I was looking for before I actually go for a surgery.

  52. nettle

    my boyfriend had implant with pump. its fine,but its hard make me sore.we are now using gel to help he is 75 and i’m 66. we are having great sex. my concern is does he has feeling in his penis or is that damage during surgery? i don’t think he can have an orgasm is that damage too? he is a great lover very caring and romantic. thank you

  53. samuel

    I have a small Penis about 4.50 inches when erect. Can I still be able to have a penis prosthesis implant?

    • K davies

      Ye you can have it done, I to am roughly same size and have had the three piece fitted. It does nothing for size or girth but it is solid whenever needed. It’s a little harder for us because some of the parts get in the way during sex but hey ho you get used to it. A couple of tips. Don’t shave before you go in leave that up to them they know where to shave, I totally shaved and the hair growing back the same time as stitches awe my god don’t go there 😂. It gets hard mind the pun to get used to pumping, sometimes I half pump it and finish off as foreplay it’s a bit easier. Believe me that it took about 4 or 5 months before you feel like sex. There you go my friend go for it or you ill be sorry.

  54. shashi

    Will u please intimate the places where penile implant facility is available n cost. Is it in india or anywhere else or in states only

  55. percy wendler

    Will I still have spontaneous erections after an implant? or only if I pump it HOw obvious will it be that would be pumping my scrotum?

  56. md

    i have a three peace implant its working fine same time i like to increase my size and thickness with another implnat is rod , if possible please send me the details to my electronic addres please , iam waiting

  57. JM

    I”m also like Larry solo in that I have a three-piece implant and the final 30% of inflation is difficult. Can posture/position during inflation matter?

  58. Larry solo

    i have the three piece penile implant but it won’t pump up all the way and it gets harder to pump after little inflation, whats wrong?

  59. John

    I am a diabetic type 2 with neuropathy, my penis has shrank to nothing, if I have this treatment will it restore my penis?. Thank you for this information, great help.

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