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Simple steps for avoiding infections from dogs and cats

April 6, 2012
  • By Lloyd Resnick, Former Editor, Harvard Heart Letter

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photo of Lloyd Resnick

Lloyd Resnick, Former Editor, Harvard Heart Letter

Lloyd Resnick was editor of the Harvard Heart Letter from August 2011 to May 2012. Before coming to HHP, LLoyd worked for the Massachusetts Medical Society in various capacities, notably as managing editor of HealthNews. A … See Full Bio
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Johnathan Mathis
June 5, 2012

Its like i tell my wife all the time when we visit her parents, dont kiss the dog. However, some of this seems like a lil much. I find it hard to believe that pets can have this many diseases and people are suffering more. I mean think about it, its very common to see people kissing their dogs. Thanks for the article though, something to think about.

Melih Acikbas
June 4, 2012

Thanks for nice post. I love animals but some infections are dangerous. Especially for kids.

como incrementar la masa muscular
June 4, 2012

Have a well trained dog will also help in making sure that your pet does not bite someone and pass on an illness.

Alfred Finch
June 3, 2012

Oh thank you very much for the info, my dog ​​is grateful to you rita

June 2, 2012

A great bit of info for anyone that loves pets.

June 2, 2012


June 1, 2012

Researchers specialized in Alkaline products says that food rich with alkaline and alkalized water can help diabetes patients.

Steve Badum
May 31, 2012

Have a dog and a cat and its a bit scary what you have posted, you just look at them as family member and forget what might be hiding in that fur or mouth. you can insure your pet for any problems too online in minutes there are heaps of sites, here is an example below, but first thanks for sharing this information about our pets 🙂

Whirly Dog Supplies
May 31, 2012

great article. we all can use a refresher on personal cleanliness. i noticed a reply from “mary” and her father being diabetic… people with compromised immune systems should be especially careful in handling dogs, and see immediate medical attention when bitten by a dog. and it’s a good example that the owners of dogs need to be responsible!

May 31, 2012

I have had dogs for the past thirty years. They have provided so much joy to me, but once in a while they have brought some interesting things into the house. Good cleaning and hand washing has prevented any problems here. Great post with helpful information.

Colin Thomas
May 31, 2012

A great bit of info for anyone that loves pets. I will certainly be coming back, have book mark page.
Great Post

May 31, 2012

I love my girlfriends dog, but when i had to remove a tick from his neck that was when i really started itching, wondering how much more he had bought into the house, germs, fleas, ticks oh no i’m starting to itch again now!

May 30, 2012

Hi,..Nice Blog.

Talking about Animals [cats and dogs] I like These animals. they are too cute. I love them like my family.


May 30, 2012

No doubt that this blog makes a difference. I read it almost every day and I always find a lot of new and interesting information.

May 30, 2012

Oh thanks you so much for giving us this relative information about dog infractions this is relay imported information,

May 29, 2012

my father’s hand was bitten by a dog one time and he is a diabetic. It took six rounds of antibiotics and he could have lost some of his fingers from the bacteria from the bite. People definitely need to pay attention to your tips about proper hygiene when dealing with animals. You have a lot of good information that should make anyone think before dealing with any animal.

May 29, 2012

This is important and often overlooked information. I experienced an infection that could have been easily avoided. Thanks for putting this out there.

Marta Márquez
May 29, 2012

Most of the people who have pets know what should they do, but this rules are not complete. I have a dog and all her vaccinations are up to day, she has drops for fleas and is not difficult she can be contaminated in the park by the grass or by other animals. So I must be very careful with her.


NVQ courses
May 29, 2012

After reading about the poor lady who died of rabies in the UK, I’m more aware of diseases from cats and dogs.

May 28, 2012

I really love pets specially dog,Actually I have 2 dogs at home so this information really important for me and Im sure I may apply this . So thanks!

May 28, 2012

I agree, if owners would just make sure that they do regular vet visits so true.

May 28, 2012

Dogs and cats could transmitt infections, but certainly the great risk are birds, these class of animals are really dangerous…

May 27, 2012

there are many article gives benefit

May 27, 2012

thank you this is gratitude lovely article


May 25, 2012

I admire this post! It’s nice to see many questions answered in a blog post like this.

Andrew James
May 25, 2012

Thank you for that very informative post. Our company has an office pet and it’s great that we have this checklist to follow to make sure we don’t acquire any diseases from it in the future.

May 24, 2012

As we all know pets continue to move from the ‘backyard’ into the ‘bedroom’. Because of this revolution Zoonotic diseases continue to be a veterinarian’s primary concern especially when small children in the home. Current pet interactions are noted below.

• In the United States, >60% of households have pets
• Among dog owners, 53% consider their dog to be a member of the family
• A surprising 56% of dog owners sleep with their dog next to them; ≈50% of dogs sleep on the bed
• Among cats, 62% slept with their adult owners and another 13% slept with children

Along with the information contained in Mr. Resnick’s informative article many internal and external parasites may be easily managed with a monthly Heartworm Preventative. Ask your veterinarian to recommend Heartworm, Flea and Tick products that are most appropriate for your home state.

Great informative post
May 15, 2012

I have 3 dogs myself so I know they can get a little unruly but what I have said to my children is DONT LET Bengy Sammy or Suzy Like your face

I hope its ok if I leave my squidoo blog address here if not I understand P.s its not a spam site its all about getting traffic to websites like yours and mine In exchange I will post your like on my site.

May 5, 2012

wow great informative post..
I’m a animal lover and I always keep my little kitten in check..
After reading your post I’m even much more cautious..

May 1, 2012

Thanks for info. I love animals.

April 29, 2012

some good steps to consider , as we all know how much diseases they can bring even though we can’t live without them

Katie Reese
April 27, 2012

This was a great article. People just need to be more cautious when taking care of themself and their pets.

Allan Jensen
April 27, 2012

Dogs are a great healp benifit to humans and help keep us healthy, and active.

Tyler Anderson
April 27, 2012

I have have never realized how many different illnesses animals can pass to humans.

Peta Williams
April 25, 2012

Never realized the danger of infections from pets, I am alway telling my kids about basic hygiene with hand washing after playing with the dog.

April 25, 2012

I agree with all the comments… Many people don’t take care of their pet, nor themselves! It really is about good personal hygiene… thank you for sharing this article… good stuff!

Thank you again!!!

April 20, 2012

Basic hygiene with hand washing and common sense will avoid most diseases passed from pet to human. When you board a pet though, they can be exposed to diseases from other animals in the facility. Checking out the facility ahead of time and asking questions are essential when choosing a dog boarding facility.

garden boy
April 15, 2012

Take care of your pets everyday to avoid sick..dont turn to them only on weekends

flea pictures
April 14, 2012

Wow, I never realized how many infections people could get from their dogs, guess it’s time to start being a little more aware around my pup!

Tyler Anderson
April 11, 2012

Have a well trained dog will also help in making sure that your pet does not bite someone and pass on an illness.

Abby Shaver
April 11, 2012

I agree, if owners would just make sure that they do regular vet visits their pets will be so much healthier!!

May 31, 2012

You are so right. Cleanliness is the name of the game when it comes to looking after our pets and bringing them inside

Mike Williams
April 11, 2012

Socialization is a great thing. It will help your animal be more comfortable around other people and their kids.

Sarah from Alkaline Benefits
April 10, 2012

There are many ways to reduce risk of getting a transmitted disease from your pet. However, even with all the precautions, it’s still good to be aware as you can never predict what will happen no matter how much preparation you make.

when are you most fertile
April 8, 2012

Beware of the diseases that bring from some animals, for pregnant women please stay away from animals until your baby is born.

ideal protein diet
April 7, 2012

now, I have to be more caution to my cat because they bring many illness and I hope I don’t get any of them. thanks for the tips, it’s very useful, they’ll become my preventive actions in the future.

April 7, 2012

The dog and cat owners that forget to take their pets to veterianary regularly are calling for sickness. Taken care of your pet as require will help avaid unnecessary diseases. Buy assurance insurance for your pet as well.

May 9, 2012

A cat with FIV will live over 15 years, the most important thing to do is to feed a GOOD food to keep up what’s left of their immnue system.Also treat the problems as they arise. Which are runny eyes, dry coat and/or mouth problems.Having Lysine on hand for the runny eyes is a good idea. Most FIV cats have the herpes simplex virus and being on 250 500mg of lysine (on their food) a day for a week can clear up the runnynes within a few days. I’ve heard of people using Transfer Factor, as a supplement, to help the overall health as well. But mostly it’s the good food that’s needed. BTW there are two very good FIV cat lists on Yahoogroups, come on over and join. The owners there all have FIV cats in every stage of the disease. Most cats stay asymptomatic most of their lives.

April 7, 2012

Ah so many things to worry about when keeping animals. My cat brings all sorts of things into the home, but what can you do eh? 🙂


May 27, 2012

Pet Lovers always have this fear of getting bitten by their very own pets and passing the disease to them. This article really explains this issues and teach you how to prevent this from happen. All the pre and post prevention. I simply love this post.

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