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March 30, 2017


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Katherine Bicicchi
April 05, 2017

This is not a joke. How about the “I hate exercise solution.” I know I have to do it but have a strong dislike of it, though I used to do lots of things — aerobics, yoga, bike, tennis at the top. I really would like to find something that actually inspires me to move, but mostly it feels like pushing avalanches up hill.

A.J. R. van der Leij, Sentebibu clinic Amsterdam
April 05, 2017

I like the article because it stresses the importance of working out with pro’s en con’s ,so people can make their own choices. For me almost life long yoga, mostly at home, 4-5 times a week 25 minutes, and some private lessons once and a while. I shared it in a tweet for my patiënts!

Clyde Beury, Tai Chi instructor
April 04, 2017

I teach several Yang Family Tai Chi classes at YMCAs and Senior Centers. I begin by telling new students, “This is not an exercise class, Exercise make people sweat and get out of breath and reminds them of a mean gym teacher or sadistic DI from the military. This is an enjoyable physical activity that has specific health benefits, and you may sweat a bit or find yourdelf breathing more heavily.” I have had several students referred to Tai Chi by their physicians and surgeons after knee , hip or shoulder replacement surgery or with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, because the gym membership is less expensive than other treatments and the students continue, enjoying the activity and the social contact.
Peace, Clyde Beury

Sylvia Kaplan
April 03, 2017

Exercise should be JOYFUL. If it is, one is more likely to continue with it. As a fitness instructor, I teach Zumba and body toning classes. In addition, I teach line dancing, ballroom dancing and contra dancing. Those who come and are willing to give a class more than one try, often catch on to the enthusiasm and camaraderie. The social aspect of dancing has been shown to also help with the lessening of white matter deterioration. So, I would say go for the joy and dance like nobody is looking because really, they aren’t.

Paul Ort
April 03, 2017

Hello Sylvia,
Your approach sounds terrific. Just the right combination of activities. I wonder where you are located.

April 03, 2017

Thanks for this amazing article it is precise and easy to understand. I have been trying to loose the last ten pounds I found it very difficult since I am on menaupause can you give me a bit of advice

Diana Hörhammer
April 01, 2017

Thank you for a wonderful article. I myself have absolute trust in yoga as a wonderful form of exercise and have been working the last 10 years of getting both children and adults to take up yoga practise. The most amazing thing about yoga is the effects it has not only on the body, but also the mind. I have worked with ADHD children how have experienced many benefits from 2-3 times a week yoga practice, including better sleep, learning when they are about to loose control of their emotions and look for time-out themselves. Here is an insightful article how to get started with yoga practice We are running a trial at the moment in Kaiserslautern, Germany by offering free yoga sessions for people with mental disabilities at the local centre and looking forward for the positive results in weight control and mood boost.

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