A better way to predict cardiovascular risk

The Framingham risk-assessment tool is used to evaluate a person's risk of heart attack, but it does not consider the influence of inflammation. Researchers have developed a new tool that uses three additional factors to evaluate your heart attack risk. (Locked) More »

What to do about tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can persist for months, and is often prolonged by returning too soon to the activities that caused it. Various treatments can offer temporary relief, but the best course of action is to limit activity and take a pain reliever. (Locked) More »

C. difficile-associated disease on the rise

C. difficile, a bacterium that can infect the digestive tract, was formerly a problem primarily for the elderly and hospitalized. But the number of cases of C. difficile-related illness is growing, and they are more severe and harder to treat. (Locked) More »