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Living Better with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Harvard Doctors Reveal

How to Manage and Control BPH
Safely and Effectively

You don’t have to look for the bathroom at every restaurant. You don’t have to miss the last play of the game. Or get up in the middle of the night. Or fear an embarrassing moment. You don’t have to put up with BPH.  

You can ease the “urge” and end the worry once and for all!

BPH may begin with a more frequent urge to go. But untreated, BPH symptoms will worsen. Incontinence, infection, and bladder damage can occur. But as never before, there are safe and effective treatment choices.

With this guide you will be able to select the BPH treatment option that best addresses your condition and respects your priorities and your concerns. 

You’ll get the guidance you need from a source you can trust

When the diagnosis is BPH, you don’t want to rely on your brother-in-law’s opinion or your buddy at the gym, and definitely not the internet!

This Harvard Medical School Guide fully and honestly compares the benefits and risks of today’s treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). You’ll get the facts to make your decision intelligently and confidently.  

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia offers clarity, encouragement, and most important, direction. You will learn about…

… daily steps and strategies to halt the most trying symptoms. You’ll find six uncomplicated ways to lessen the stress and the straining. The Guide will simplify your drug choice. You’ll learn which is best if you have a larger prostate, high blood pressure, or are concerned with sexual side effects.  

…tools and techniques that can bring lifelong relief.  The Guide puts a dozen procedures in perspective. You’ll be introduced to two laser-based alternatives to TURP.  You’ll learn of three proven, less-invasive options…an outpatient procedure that minimizes erectile problems… and a newly FDA-approved surgical technique that “washes away” excess prostate tissue!

… ways to lower risk now—and stay trouble free in the years ahead. You’ll discover two pivotal BPH factors you can control. You’ll be briefed on an essential monitoring test…a new way to keep symptoms at bay—without drugs or surgery …the increasing prospects for prevention…and more!

Don’t wait! Order your copy of this Guide now!

Four Doctors

In this timely fact-packed guide you’ll discover…

  • the one BPH symptom that means you need medical care NOW!
  • four tests to provide the most accurate BPH diagnosis
  • how five alpha-blocker drugs compare for side effects
  • a nasal spray that can cut nighttime bathroom trips in half!
  • a new surgical option for men who cannot have anesthesia
  • new approaches to quell your symptoms without surgery
  • the still-promoted surgical procedure you should avoid!