Can't fall asleep?

Trouble staying asleep?

Discover the steps and strategies you can use now to regain the joy and benefits of a good night's rest!

Remember when you could fall asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow and not wake up until the alarm went off?

As we get older, it becomes a little harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.  But although our sleep patterns change, our need for sleep doesn’t.  Just like diet and exercise, a good night’s sleep is essential for your good health, for keeping you alert and energetic, and for building your body’s defenses against infection, chronic illness, and even heart disease.

Improving Sleep is an instructive and fact-filled report from Harvard Medical School that explains why sleep often eludes us as adults.  You’ll read about those habits and conditions that rob us of peaceful slumber.  And most importantly, you’ll learn what you can do to again enjoy the satisfaction of a restful night’s sleep.

You'll learn not only what triggers insomnia but also how new techniques and therapies are helping men and women get to sleep more quickly — without the use of medications.  You’ll read about the benefits of “strategic naps.”  You’ll discover how to make your sleep surroundings more conducive to rest.  And you’ll be told about seven things you should do — and not do — before going to bed.

You may even want to speak to your physician after you read about the medications that can cause insomnia, drowsiness, or even nightmares.   And this report also shares news about advances in controlling such sleep-troublers as heartburn, arthritis, nocturia, and restless legs syndrome. 

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Inside Improving Sleep, you'll discover:

  • How sleep loss harms your health
  • Why a drink before bed is not a good idea
  • Medications that may affect your sleep
  • Ways to cure insomnia without drugs
  • How to reset your internal sleep clock
  • Information on narcolepsy, somnabulism, apnea, and other sleep disorders
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