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If you’ve experienced ED, you know you are not alone. Just flipping on the TV will tell you that. Ads for Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis abound.

More than 30 million American men are affected by ED. It can stress relationships, sap self-esteem, and steal some of the joy from life. The good news is the odds of finding a solution that works for you are greater than ever.

Erectile Dysfunction, prepared by the doctors of Harvard Medical School, offers a straightforward discussion of the causes of erectile dysfunction, why it is widespread, and what you can do to ease, control, and turn back its effects. This informative report shares:

…unbiased comparisons of the most-prescribed medications. Viagra may have been the first, but now a host of pills are competing for your attention—and money. You’ll learn which pill works the fastest, which has the highest success rate, the pros and cons of a daily ED pill, and more.

… 8 “no-pill” treatments and 9 proven risk-lowering steps. You’ll discover a therapy that’s the more dependable choice for many men, a breakthrough topical cream, and two treatments that offer immediate results. Plus, smart lifestyle choices and changes that can reduce ED risk as much as 50%!

… 10 ways to extend and enjoy the pleasures of renewed intimacy.  You’ll learn how to retain your ability and drive, boost your stamina, and find new closeness with your partner.  And in a Special Bonus Section, you’ll read inspired tips for keeping sex playful and romantic at any age.  

Did you know, for example, that men who exercise 30 minutes a day are 40% less likely to have ED than sedentary men? Or that ED is twice as prevalent among men with depression? Or that men with high HDL cholesterol are far less likely to have ED than men with low HDL cholesterol? The report also gives you six all-natural sex tips — lifestyle changes that can help you sidestep or reverse ED.

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Inside Erectile Dysfunction, you’ll discover…

  • the best physical exercise to improve your sexual functioning.

  • a daily tablet that helps some men double their staying power.

  • the non-alcoholic drink that can lower ED risk by 40%!

  • 24 medications that can cause or worsen ED symptoms.

  • the most effective treatment for men who’ve had prostate surgery.

  • why your testosterone level means little when it comes to ED.

  • a generic version of Viagra for less than $1 a pill!
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