Enjoy renewed heart, joint, and digestive health!

How to avoid the nine mistakes that stoke chronic inflammation!

Learn the positive, practical steps that can offer you unprecedented protection from chronic disease

The World Health Organization ranks chronic diseases as the greatest threat to health. Chronic inflammatory diseases — including stroke, heart disorders, cancer, and diabetes — are the most significant cause of death worldwide.

This guide tells you what you need to do to guard against chronic inflammation. The guide pinpoints nine lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to inflammation and chronic disease. Factors you can change!

And the guide highlights the smart choices and breakthrough resources that can help treat, tame — and prevent — chronic inflammation. Choices and resources that you can use successfully and effectively!

You can cut off chronic inflammation’s “fuel supply!”

Just as chronic inflammation can trigger debilitating illnesses from cardiovascular disease to dementia, nine identifiable — and controllable — factors can trigger chronic inflammation. You’ll learn how to contain and eliminate these from your diet, your daily routine, and even your home.

You’ll discover the foods that fan inflammation. You’ll learn about offending allergens. You’ll find how to address a factor known to worsen rheumatoid arthritis, and one that’s dangerous to your heart and brain.

You’ll gain and maintain powerful inflammation resistance!

Prepared by the doctors of Harvard Medical School, Understanding Inflammation shares the proven self-help strategies and the latest medical advances that can strengthen your ability to live free from chronic inflammation.

You will appreciate this guidance-filled guide's authoritative clarity, and most important, its useful direction. You will meet…

… the anti-inflammatory influencers! These are the foods, activities, and “secret ingredients” that protect against chronic inflammation. You’ll discover eight foods with multiple anti-inflammatory properties… inflammation-quelling exercises… and two beverages worth “cheering” for.

…12 medications that ease and extinguish! Today there’s an expanding arsenal of medications to alleviate symptoms and provide targeted treatment. You’ll meet the smartest and safest choices for easing pain, for protecting your heart, and for preventing recurrent inflammation.

…and much more! You’ll learn about a test to detect your body’s level of inflammation… a surprisingly helpful supplement… the one medical appointment you should make… and two preventive steps that are easy to take.

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In Understanding Inflammation you’ll discover…

  • the four cardinal signs of inflammation — plus one more!

  • two steps to reduce the markers of body-wide inflammation

  • a new drug that specifically targets cardiovascular inflammation

  • the factor that puts you at higher risk of Crohn’s disease or colitis.

  • the best topicals for treating inflammatory skin conditions

  • strategies to prevent the joint damage of rheumatoid arthritis

  • foods to fight the inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s