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Strength and Power Training for All Ages

The age-defying strategy for lasting muscle strength and power!

Learn how in just 90 minutes a week—or less—you can achieve the vibrant muscle and bone health you need for a lifetime of active and independent living.

Today, there is a growing recognition of the importance of strength and power training.  And none too soon! Strength training is proving to be the “secret sauce” that can effectively keep your muscles and bones strong as you age.
Strength training builds muscle and slows bone loss. It keeps you looking fit and feeling young. It can boost your mood and confidence.  It can ease joint pain. It can make it easier to lose weight and stay mentally sharp.

This Special Health Report brings you four full-body workouts for greater muscle strength and power.  Packed with a range of exercises, these workouts will give you stronger muscles, sturdier bones, steadier balance, and readier reflexes. 
With these workouts and exercises you’ll find success without stress.  No noisy gyms.   No crowded classes.  No intimidating instructors.  These are exercises you do on your own, anytime, anywhere.   In the report you’ll find…

workouts that make the most of your time and effort. Demonstrated by top fitness instructors, each workout consists of 8-11 exercises that take no more than 45 minutes to complete.   Each exercise is fully illustrated and offers instruction for reps, rests, and upping the challenge as you progress.

..."power moves" for greater muscle speed and energy.  Power training improves balance and reaction time.  It can amp up your golf swing and help you avoid a fall.   You’ll learn how you can effectively transform each strength training routine into a powerful, productive power training session.

exercises that are never a chore and won’t be a bore. You’ll find it’s easy to maintain your motivation. You’ll work with dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and more. Plus you’ll get expert guidance for warm-ups and cool-downs, for easy and safe stretches, and for buying equipment.

Strength and Power Training for All Ages

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In Strength and Power Training for All Ages you’ll discover…
  • 37 muscle-building exercises with 109 full-color photographs
  • how just two workouts a week can deliver great training results
  • the workout that burns excess calories—even the next day!
  • four ways to warm-up and the one routine to turn down cold!
  • the best exercises to help women achieve stronger, denser bones
  • 6 bonus power moves to rev up your fast-twitch muscle fibers.
  • the “slow down” trick that will maximize your  training gains

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