The secrets to a great sex life after 60

When it comes to sex, attitude matters more than age! Discover the techniques and practical steps that can enrich, enliven, and extend your sex life.

The baby boomers who led the sexual revolution in the Sixties are now well into their 60s. And the revolution continues. It’s a revolution that challenges long-held views on sexuality and aging. It’s reinforcing that adults in their 60s and beyond can have healthy and happy sex lives.

Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond will tell you everything you want — and need — to know about sex after 60. You’ll discover how your age can work for you, and how you can use life’s changes to create a richer, more intimate, and more satisfying sexual experience for you and your partner.

Midlife can be a springboard to renewed sexual expression and connection. Some women feel more relaxed about sex once their child-bearing days are past. The changes a man experiences can be an impetus for developing a new and more fulfilling style of lovemaking.

The report candidly discusses how physical and emotional issues can influence your sexual capabilities. Just as candidly, it explores how you can improve your sexual fitness, rekindle your sexual energy, and add stimulating variety and spontaneity to your sexual activities.

Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond will brief you on the latest advances in treating erectile dysfunction, describe the risks and benefits of hormone therapy for women and men, detail the medications that can affect your libido, and offer tips for making sex more comfortable and pleasurable.

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Inside Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond, you’ll discover…

  • 5 R-rated ideas for putting the fun back into sex
  • How the pills for erectile dys- function compare for effectiveness
  • The truth about the “G-spot” and how to find it
  • How to discuss what you want with your partner
  • The best choices in low-dose vaginal estrogen therapy
  • Sex positions that are easy on an aching back
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