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Reducing Sugar in Your Diet

Harvard Doctors Reveal

Top Ways to Cut the Sugar  

and boost your health!

…and never miss the sweetness you crave!

Before the age of mass-produced foods, the only sugars we ate were fruits and vegetables that came in a “package” containing water, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

But today, most of the sugar in the U.S. food supply doesn’t occur naturally—it’s added by manufacturers and consumers. Worse yet, much of this sugar is highly-concentrated and hits the bloodstream quickly—causing dangerous sugar spikes and contributing to an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. 

In Reducing Sugar in Your Diet, the health experts at Harvard Medical School reveal the practical, research-backed advice you need to bring your sugar consumption down to healthier levels.

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How much sugar is too much? The American Heart Association recommend 6 teaspoons per day for women and 9 for men. (The average American consumes about TWICE as much!) Armed with the expert guidance in the Guide, you’ll discover simple ways to bring your sugar levels down to much safer levels. 

What are the biggest sources of hidden sugar and how can you spot them? Shockingly, fruit and energy drinks, condiments, and processed foods like yogurt, breads and soups are high in processed sugar. Find out how to lower your sugar consumption by targeting the worst offenders!

Are artificial sweeteners safe? Some research has linked drinking artificially sweetened

beverages with poorer heart and blood vessel health. But diet drinks can be a healthy choice if they help wean you off of sugary drinks. Get the full scoop on all artificial sugars and natural alternatives in Reducing Sugar in Your Diet

Do you have to go cold turkey? No! See Reducing Sugar in Your Diet for expert strategies to wean yourself off excess sugar and never miss the sweetness you crave. Plus, see how you don’t have to give up sweet desserts! 

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Four Doctors

In Reducing Sugar in Your Diet, you'll get the instant answers you need to fight sugar-related health hazards

  • The biggest sources of hidden sugars

  • What happens to sugar in the body

  • Sugar’s link to chronic disease

  • How to reduce added sugar

  • The truth about natural sugar alternatives

  • Beware of unhealthy carbs

  • And more