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Keep Your Independence as You Age!

with Harvard Medical School’s Mobility and Independence!

One-third of all adults over age 65 have mobility problems. Many of these people will end up having to move from their homes so they can get the care they need. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With Mobility and Independence, a report from Harvard Medical School, you’ll learn the best ways to stay active and mobile — the keys to being independent for life!

This Special Health Report explains how some health conditions can rob you of your mobility and gives you practical ways to fight back so you can stay strong and healthy. You’ll discover how you can stay active despite conditions like osteoarthritis, sore joints, or back pain. You’ll find exercises that help you strengthen and build muscle and bone and improve your balance, too.

Your Mobility and Independence report will show you:

  • How to reduce your risk of falling with easy balance and strength training exercises
  • The treatment physical therapists find helpful for relieving osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Urgent warning signs that signal you need to have a joint replaced
  • And more!

You’ll see how vision and hearing loss can affect your balance and your ability to live on your own — plus what to do to improve both. You’ll find tips for making your home safer and easier to get around as you get older and even learn about home systems that can send help in an emergency. You’ll also discover two agencies that can help you decide if you’re still safe behind the wheel — plus so much more.

Don’t miss out! There are only a limited number of Mobility and Independence reports. Send for yours today to be sure you get a copy and SAVE 30%!

Mobility and Independence

You get a Special Bonus Section at no extra cost... 

  • Food that helps fight frailty 
  • 3 supplements you may need as you age 
  • The easiest way to eat for better health — forget the food pyramid
  • Important vitamin that’s hard to get from food 
  • How what you eat affects the way you move 
  • And so much more!