Protect yourself and your family from

The dangers of Lyme disease

Lyme disease is no longer limited to the Northeast. Rocky Mountain Spotted fever has been sighted from coast-to-coast. Tick seasons and regions are expanding.  

But your risk—and your family’s—can be lower than it’s ever been. This downloadable Guide will keep you aware and prepared to successfully side-step and effectively confront Lyme and nine other tick-borne illnesses.

You can have greater protection and peace-of-mind.

You’ll find proven tick prevention tips and important treatment advances that will provide the safety you want for yourself and your family.

The Guide will add to your security and ability to elude and subdue today’s most threatening tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. You’ll learn how to reduce exposure, detect symptoms more quickly, and defeat an infection fully and completely.

Guidance you want—and need—for the life you lead.

The reality is that you and your family will spend many hours outdoors. It’s part of your lives. You look forward to it. This timely and empowering Guide will help you do so and do it with confidence, enjoyment, and foresight.

From Harvard Medical School, Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases offers clarity, and most important, direction. You will read about…

… the smartest tactics and tricks to keep ticks at bay! You can be less revealing and less appealing to ticks. In the Guide you’ll learn where ticks lurk and which repellents work. You’ll find how to detach a tick quickly and what to do immediately if you think a Lyme infection is a possibility. 

 … advances in diagnosis and breakthroughs in treatment. You’ll learn the best tests to avoid a false positive—or negative. You’ll be briefed on today’s top choices in antibiotics…how to speed recovery from Stage 2 Lyme …and seven complementary therapies to address chronic Lyme disease. 

…how to recognize, avoid, and treat other tick-borne illnesses. Harvard doctors will share the distinctive symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever… news of a tick disease that can be mistaken for malaria…and the essential diagnostic steps and treatment protocols for today’s 9 most widespread tick diseases.

Don’t wait! Download your copy of this timely Guide now!

Four Doctors

In Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases, you will discover…

  • 4 Lyme symptoms (besides the bull’s eye rash) you should know

  • 7 places you should check your child (and yourself) for ticks

  • the Lyme test that’s nearly 100% accurate—and when to use it.

  • the surprising allergic condition a lone star tick bite can cause!

  • the soft tick-spread disease that can often spike in winter

  • the 3-step technique to remove a tick safely and cleanly

  • Bonus: A regional guide to ticks and the diseases they transmit