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Interval Training

Harvard experts will show you… 

How to Perform Interval Training Safely and Effectively

If you’re pressed for time… these shorter workouts deliver faster results and can enhance your fitness and help you feel healthier, stronger, and more in control of your health.

Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of achieving your health goals and achieving the fitness you need to live your best life. Harvard’s Special Health Report will show you targeted interval training workouts designed specifically to deliver faster results in less time. 

Adding two or three interval workouts to your regular weekly exercise plan can boost your fitness without requiring extra hours at the gym.

Interval training can offset the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

The latest research has shown that even mini-interval training workouts of a few minutes can help reduce the harmful effects of hours spent sitting.

Interval training does so much more than just saving time, it: 
  • boosts both aerobic fitness and metabolic function more than a longer workout consisting of just steady-state exercise… 
  • offsets typical fitness declines, such as loss of muscle mass…
  • helps you sleep better, feel more positive, and more relaxed…
  • speeds up your heart rate and metabolism in short, safe bursts…  
  • yields similar benefits to steady-paced cardio…

Interval training can be practiced at any fitness level, or any age.

Even people with health conditions are often able to do interval training, and in some cases, may experience better or faster improvement in aerobic fitness than with traditional exercise regimens. 
There’s no risk. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Interval training has been found to be a safe, effective approach for people with diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, or heart failure, as well as those who’ve had heart attacks and strokes.

Harvard fitness experts present a 56-page report for anyone who wants to supercharge their health with short, effective workouts.

Based on current research and evidence this report gives you ways to help you perform interval training safely and effectively—at any age! 
  • Targets key muscles you need to for an active lifestyle. Interval training can help maintain fast-twitch muscle fibers needed for quick bursts of activity, such as darting across the street before the light changes. In this report, you’ll get exercises to target these muscles to maintain your lifestyle and, for older folks, independence. 
  • Builds strength (even while doing cardio): Interval training can increase muscle mass in both younger and older adults. And if you gravitate more toward aerobic exercise than toward strength training, interval training may offer you a way to improve strength while doing the type of exercise you enjoy the most!  
  • Maintains muscle power: As you age, power declines at twice the rate strength does—as much as 3.5% a year for power compared with 1.5% for strength. Interval training—even cardio intervals—can accomplish the same thing, because the short bursts of high-intensity activity target the fast-twitch fibers.  
  • Plus, you get many workouts you can try to see what works for you! 

P.S. Included in your Interval Training Workouts are 2 special features:

#1: Six-week fitness foundation plan: If you are not already doing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, as recommended in the Physical Activity Guidelines, then you should build up to that level first. So, you’ll get an introductory six-week plan will help you meet that goal on page 18 of this guide. Feel free to repeat any of the weeks as needed, extending the program.
#2: Super-short high-intensity workouts to counteract a sedentary lifestyle: Bursts of exercise—or “exercise snacks” as some physiologists call them—prevent your body from lapsing into sedentary mode. These mini workouts are a perfect way to add some activity into your day. On page 12, you’ll find two super-short workouts to try.
Interval Training

Harvard’s Interval Training report will help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain your independence for years to come! 

This Special Health Report has everything you need, including:
  • 5 complete interval training workouts, including a warmup routine, and cool-down stretches
  • Photos of each exercise that show proper form
  • Full descriptions of positions and movements so you know you’re doing each move correctly
  • Helpful tips and techniques along with recommended numbers of repetitions and sets, tempo, and intensity
  • Tricks for making each move easier or harder, depending on your fitness level
This report provides scientifically proven advice to keep you healthy and doing the activities you love. 

In Interval Training: Shorter workouts, faster results, you’ll find…
  • The four essential parts of an interval workout
  • The six types of interval training
  • The super-short HIIT workout to counteract a sedentary lifestyle
  • All-around tips for preventing injuries
  • The six-week fitness foundation plan
  • How to get started if you’re new to interval training