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Intermediate Yoga

Let Harvard Medical School Experts

help you
the healing power of Yoga!

Greater strength, increased flexibility, more energy, better balance and more!

For centuries, millions of people have experienced the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of yoga.

Today, ongoing research continues to show that easy-to-understand yoga practices can help you zero in on healing for the specific health issues you may be facing today.

Thanks to Intermediate Yoga—a new fully-illustrated Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School—you’ll discover how to take basic yoga practices to the next level to help you boost your energy levels, build strength, improve you balance, experience greater calmness and more.
Ordinary workouts require you to do more and work harder. Not so with the specialized yoga practices revealed in Intermediate Yoga! They’re more about undoing— relaxing, releasing, and letting go. You don’t have to break a sweat in order to achieve results like these… 

Ease aches, pains and stiffness
The Flexibility Practice in this Special Report will help you to gain more supple muscles and greater range of motion through various joints.

Be steadier on your feet
The Balance Practice helps develop balance on mul­tiple levels. On a physical level, it can spell the difference between catching yourself or tak­ing a tumble. On the emotional level, you’ll also help balance your mind and emotions. 

Get ready for a jolt of energy
The breathing and stretching exercises in the Energizing Practice will help boost your physical and mental energy, allowing you to be ready to embrace each new day with more vigor and have the stamina to staying sharp until night. 

Greater strength
The Strengthening Practice targets your entire body, helping you build a strong lower body, core, and upper body so you can be more active and feel years younger. It can also help you gain physical and psychological strength to overcome life’s challenges. 

Soothing calm
Use the Calming Practice any time of the day to relax and center yourself when you feel anxious or worked up over something.

With Intermediate Yoga, you’ll also discover a variety of breathing exercises that can calm, energize, or center you, along with a variety of mudras—hand positions used during breathing exercises or meditation to help bring your mind into focus.

SPECIAL SECTION: Expand Your Yoga Practice

While Intermediate Yoga helps you lay a solid foundation for a yoga practice, at some point, you may want to engage in additional practices with greater diversity, depth, and challenge. This section reveals 14 different types of yoga, plus details on how to follow up with in-person group classes, online classes, and how-to apps.
Intermediate Yoga

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Yoga is considered to be a form of mind-body exercise—and one of the most powerful. Researchers are documenting the benefits of yoga for both physical and mental health and overall well-being.
In Intermediate Yoga, you’ll discover how yoga can help you:
  • Shed unwanted pounds—far easier than boot camp or Zumba. 
  • Fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and sleep more soundly—without medications. 
  • Lower blood pressure up to 11 points systolic and 6 points diastolic. 
  • Improve diabetes management by helping reduce blood sugar levels
  • Relieve back pain as effectively as physical therapy. 
  • Counteract age-related declines in memory and other cognitive skills, even in people with cognitive decline or dementia. 
  • Lessen arthritis pain by helping improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles around painful joints. 
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