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Improving Concentration and Focus

Harvard Doctors Reveal

7 secrets to better mental focus and steadfast concentration

Find how men and women—just like you—are enjoying better brain health and mental agility

“Now, where was I…?” If you’ve said it, you know how frustrating it can be when you’ve been distracted from something demanding your attention.

But even though distractions may be inevitable, their ability to disrupt your focus does not have to be. They don’t have to compromise your concentration. You can blunt distractions and bolster attention and focus.

Life skills you can build!

The great news is that by applying just a few practical, commonsense measures you can achieve sustained attention, speed up reaction times, boost your memory, and increase your capacity to disregard distractions.

In this guide from Harvard Medical School, researchers reveal the strategies that will lend tenacity to your concentration, add keenness to your focus, and assure years of energetic brain health and cognitive fitness.

Improving Concentration and Focus offers clarity, encouragement, and most important, direction.  You will read…

…7 tips for halting and handcuffing distractions. You’ll turn your back on many of the distractions we face today. You’ll get smart ways to coexist with your cellphone…a quick “attention-grabber” for when your thoughts wander … and a simple solution for banishing distractions from your mind at bedtime.

…heads-up steps for keeping your brain at its best! You’ll protect your brain from factors that can diminish its agility. You’ll find five causes of “brain fog”…the key to recharging your brain’s batteries…a way to offset age-related brain changes… and a unique program that promotes vital brain plasticity.

… how-to techniques (and tricks) to fuel focus and concentration. You’ll discover the best activities and choices for maintaining a steady and ready focus. You’ll find how to maximize the power of meditation …four foods that improve memory… a regimen to prevent future cognitive decline…and much more.

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Four Doctors

In Improving Concentration and Focus you’ll discover…

  • how coffee can boost memory.
  • the reason many women face added problems with attention.
  • the one light you don’t want in the bedroom—and the one you do!
  • the truth about choline supplements and cognitive performance.
  • the diet that’s both heart-healthy and brain-healthy too!
  • an anywhere exercise that boosts visual attention and motor control
  • the four common barriers to focus you can control—right now!