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Healthy Hands

Keep your hands strong, healthy, and pain-free for life

Discover the best ways to ease arthritis … the latest treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome and dozens of other secrets for healthy, pain-free hands!

Our hands are unsung heroes that help us perform countless tasks every day from writing letters to tying your shoes. They also serve as tools for communication, expression, and emotion.  To help you keep your hands healthy and prevent or relieve the conditions that can affect your hands, we created Healthy Hands.

In this Special Health Report, Harvard Medical School experts reveal: 

  • How yoga may help ease the symptoms of hand arthritis
  • The habit that can cause your hands to swell and reduce grip strength
  • 11 ways to prevent hand problems that come from using a computer
  • The problem with steroid injections – they may bring relief, but can also destroy bone and cartilage
  • What to do if you have a ganglion cyst
  • Newer surgical technique for carpal tunnel surgery that minimizes complications  -- and three ways to treat the problem without surgery!
  • How to tell if your hand pain is minor or if you need to see a doctor

And this is just a small sample of the important information you’ll find in this groundbreaking report.

Help Improve Your Range of Motion  

This wrist ulnar/radial deviation exercise can help move your wrist and lubricate your hand’s tendons. For more exercises send for your Healthy Hands report today.

  • Support your forearm on a table on a rolled-up towel for pad­ding or on your knee, thumb upward.
  • Move the hand straight up and down.

Improve Your Hand Strength

This exercise can help improve pinch strength and stabilize the thumb joint in individuals with thumb osteoarthritis.  NOTE: Do NOT do this exercise if you have carpal tunnel syndrome as it can worsen the condition.

Place a rubber band around a tennis ball. Place your index and middle fingers underneath the band as shown. While gen­tly squeezing the ball, lift the index finger up and outward (toward the thumb side).

Healthy Hands: Strategies for strong, pain-free hands

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Healthy Hands: Strategies for strong, pain-free hands

  • How a certified hand therapist can help you relieve pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or trigger finger 
  • Why tendon and ligament injuries heal slowly
  • The best way to treat arthritic hands
  • 7 ways to improve dexterity like threading buttons or beads onto a ribbon
  • Exercises to strengthen hands and wrists
  • Dozens of gadgets and tips to make life easier and help lessen joint strain
  • Plus Special Bonus Section: Joint Reconstruction for arthritis hands
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