Is hand pain interfering with your ability to do all you want — and need — to do?

Find out how you can ease the pain and limitations of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand ailments.

Hands are unavoidably vulnerable to ailments and injuries.  When they happen, your daily routine can become an ordeal, ordinary tasks can become a struggle, and simple pleasures are put aside.

Fortunately, almost every hand problem can be successfully treated.  Pain can be significantly reduced.  Mobility and dexterity can be regained.

This Special Health Report will give you an empowering understanding of your hands’ mechanics, the diseases that compromise their function, and most important, what you can do to treat, lessen, and prevent the major threats to your hands’ health and strength.

Do you suffer with arthritis?  The report will brief you on advances in quelling the symptoms.  You’ll find out about the growing choices in medications as well as promising complementary therapies and alternative remedies.

The report will tell you about treatments that offer relief from carpal tunnel and other “pinched” nerve syndromes. You’ll learn what causes “trigger finger” and how “writer’s cramp” is cured. The report will give you the key questions to ask yourself — and your doctor — before considering joint replacement surgery, and much more.

So, enjoy life hands-on. Order your copy of this Special Health Report now!

Inside Healthy Hands, you'll discover:

  • How the most popular oral and topical arthritis meds compare
  • Practical tips for avoiding repetitive-stress injuries
  • What to ask when selecting a hand therapist or surgeon
  • The new injection that’s freeing immovably curled fingers
  • 12 exercises for stronger, more flexible hands
  • A “third” surgical option for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The hand ailment that affects women 10 times more often than men
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