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Healing Shoulder Pain

Healing Shoulder Pain
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End the aches and aggravation of shoulder pain!

Be free from the pain of bursitis tendinitis rotator cuff injury biceps tendon tears shoulder instability osteoarthritis frozen shoulder shoulder sprain shoulder impingement and more.

You don’t have to let shoulder pain handcuff you. Shoulder pain is treatable and beatable. Shoulder pain is pain you can do something about.

In this new Special Health Report, Harvard doctors share the most effective ways to relieve the pain of common shoulder problems and maintain the mobility and shoulder strength to do all the things you need and love to do.

The steps you can take right now for lasting shoulder pain relief!

The good news is, you can halt and heal shoulder pain as never before. Healing Shoulder Pain offers insight and instruction from America’s most outstanding orthopedic specialists. In the report, you’ll discover a growing wealth of treatment options to end pain and sustain shoulder health.

Healing Shoulder Pain provides clear and specific direction. You’ll receive purposeful, and proven guidance. You’ll learn how to determine and defeat the source of your shoulder pain with targeted, proportionate, and above all, appropriate strategies. You’ll discover...

...the tools and clues to open the road to relief.
Is it a rotator cuff tear? Bursitis? Tendinitis? A sprain or a strain? You’ll learn the distinguishing symptoms of 15 shoulder problems. You’ll compare today’s diagnostic tests and find how to work with your physician to initiate the best treatment plan. strategies to break the grip of shoulder pain.
You’ll learn practical, common sense measures that can end the aches. You’ll read about a non-surgical alternative for small rotator cuff tears...a gentle therapy for shoulder easy intervention for shoulder arthritis...and more., safe choices in shoulder surgery.
The report explores 17 options and advances that can halt pain, hasten recovery, and restore fuller movement. You’ll find a new technique for arthritis outpatient procedure for frozen shoulder...and the latest arthroscopic alternatives to open surgery.


In Healing Shoulder Pain you’ll find...

the biggest risk factor for a rotator cuff tear (Hint: it’s not sports!)
a pain-relieving injection that avoids the risks of steroids
six questions to ask before selecting a shoulder surgeon
a minimally-invasive procedure for joint separation repair
the unmentioned dangers of "popping" a shoulder back in
the habit that makes you susceptible to shoulder impingement
BONUS: A Complete Shoulder Workout: 12 anywhere exercises
And more!