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Healing Leg Pain

Put an end to leg pain

and stay active and happy on your feet!

Discover strategies that can halt the aches and keep your legs their healthiest

From your first steps, your legs have taken you where you want to go. Our legs give us the freedom to wander, to work, to play, and be on our own two feet.

Healing Leg Pain addresses those leg conditions that could compromise your mobility, your happiness, and your independence. From hip to lower leg…from arthritis to varicose veins… from restless leg syndrome to frozen knee…from the discomfort of PAD to the dangers of DVT, the Report provides enlightening and empowering guidance to assure resolution and relief.

The good news is, as never before, you can halt, heal, and prevent leg pain. Healing Leg Pain offers insight and instruction from leading doctors and specialists at Harvard Medical School. In the report, you’ll discover a growing wealth of treatment options to end leg pain and foster sound leg health. 

Healing Leg Pain provides clear and specific direction. You’ll learn how to pinpoint the source of your pain and select an appropriate treatment. You will be briefed on state-of-the art procedures to repair a serious injury. And you’ll receive preventive tips to sidestep common problems. You’ll find…

…the clues and tools to kick off relief! Is it my ACL or my MCL? Could it be bursitis or tendinitis? A sprain or a strain? You’ll learn the distinguishing symptoms of 28 painful leg problems. You’ll know how to speed the diagnostic process and work with your physician to initiate the best treatment plan. 

… techniques (and tricks) to give leg pain the boot! The Special Health Report shares the latest medical strides and practical steps that can end the aches. You’ll discover an alternative to hip replacement…a non-invasive approach for peripheral neuropathy… a promising new therapy for knee tendinitis…and much more.

…preventive measures worth a standing ovation! The report will give you welcome tips and measures to avoid leg injuries and ailments. You’ll find hints to reduce the risk of shin splints…six precautions to prevent DVT… exercises to strengthen calf muscles…and the single best way to prevent leg cramps.

Don’t sit still for leg pain. Get the relief and security you want.

Healing Leg Pain

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In Healing Leg Pain you will discover…

  • what the appearance of a soft lump behind the knee may mean
  • the three risk factors for peripheral  edema you can control.
  •  a surprisingly easy pain-relieving technique for hip osteoarthritis
  • when your leg pain may be signaling a medical emergency
  • why women are more likely than men to tear an ACL
  • 5 simple strategies to bring down the swelling of varicose veins.
  • The two best things you can do to ease the pain of sciatica