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Every month, the Harvard Heart Letter brings you the latest research from the doctors and researchers at the prestigious Harvard Medical School.

Of even greater importance are the Harvard Heart Letter's expert recommendations of what you should do about that research, based on your specific needs.

Lower your blood pressure! Eat more soy to prevent a stroke! Increase your intake of omega-3’s! Exercise 30 minutes a day!

Every day, you hear such advice and more. But is it all beneficial for you and your heart? What are some simple ways to follow these recommendations? And are there alternatives better suited for you?

A subscription to the Harvard Heart Letter will help answer these questions…and help your heart! 

Easy-to-read, clear and concise, Harvard Heart Letter is like a monthly conversation with your favorite doctor.

  • Simple:  Prevention strategies, including heart-health foods…easy exercises…warning signs…and healthy habits to help prevent heart trouble.
  • Smart:  Diagnostic techniques, including new tests and symptom solvers to help pinpoint heart health concerns.
  • Powerful:  New treatments including medications, surgical procedures, and at-home remedies to help protect your heart.
  • Practical:  Filled with fast, reliable, practical heart health news you can use.

Start your subscription to the Harvard Heart Letter today and be on your way to a healthier life!  A full year of actionable advice you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine, along with access to the research and breakthroughs from the past three years.

Subscribe below to get it all and be on your way to a healthier heart!



  • Control Blood Pressure Without Drugs – One way to help you control your blood pressure is to be sure you’re eating foods with enough calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • Quick Tips for a Healthier Heart – Learn how to coax your body to suck the cholesterol out of artery-clogging plaque.
  • Healthier Brain, Sharper Memory – You know that exercising is necessary in order to keep your heart strong, and stave off chronic disease such as diabetes. But did you know that it can also help boost your THINKING skills? And it doesn’t have to be difficult!  

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