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Foods that Fight Inflammation Guide

Put inflammation-fighting foods on your menu!

Boost your body’s defenses against chronic inflammation—starting today!

Discover how an anti-inflammatory diet may lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and more!

If you’ve ever cut your finger, you’ve experienced inflammation.  This acute inflammation triggers a response within your body to halt and heal the injury.  But there’s another form of inflammation that doesn’t halt and heal… it is inflammation that can hurt and harm.  It is chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can damage cells, tissues, and organs. Health experts recognize that this slow-simmering inflammation can fuel major chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer.

Although researchers aren’t ready to point the finger at chronic inflammation as the cause of these chronic diseases, evidence increasingly shows that they go hand-in-hand.  Greater inflammation is consistent with greater risk. 

You can take a “healthy bite” out of chronic inflammation!

Researchers also know that diets containing certain nutrients and phytochemicals are linked to a lower risk of inflammation. With this Harvard Medical School Guide, you’ll be introduced to those diets and those foods.

You’ll discover the foods that cool down inflammation. You’ll read about a diet firmly linked with lower inflammation levels and lower risks of numerous chronic diseases. You’ll find a harvest of helpful fruits and vegetables…herbs and spices packed with health benefits…and even beverages to “cheer” for.

Enjoy wonderfully healthy meals—and welcome peace-of-mind!

Prepared by the doctors of Harvard Medical School, Foods That Fight Inflammation brings you meticulously-sourced information and recommendations. You will appreciate the report’s timely guidance, its authoritative clarity, and most important, its useful direction. You will meet…

… foods that are anti-inflammatory—and more! You’ll find foods that not only reduce inflammation but add protection against conditions that may give you concern. You’ll read about four fruits that lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease…  a surprising side dish with potential protective effects in reducing cancer risk… and a delectable way to boost heart health.  

… diets and eating patterns that are easy to follow!  The report looks at leading diets that are linked to lower inflammation levels.  Plus, you’ll find expansive choices in proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, herbs, and more to assure you the variety that will keep every family member pleased. 

…and much more!  You’ll learn about a simple test to detect your body’s level of inflammation. You’ll get sample menus… quick and wholesome recipes… and handy shopping lists to speed and simplify stocking your pantry.

Don’t wait! Order your copy of this Guide now!

Four Doctors

 In Foods that Fight Inflammation you’ll discover…

  • the ‘rainbow strategy’ for adding a colorful palette to your plate!
  • three oils (besides olive) with anti-inflammatory effects.
  • a  stone fruit that may reduce pain and soreness after exercise
  • the top ten foods you may never want to eat again
  • seven great protein alternatives for people who don’t like fish
  • six healthful whole-grain choices you may never have tried
  • foods to fight the inflammation associated with cognitive decline