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What to do about Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction continues to be the greatest obstacle to a satisfying sex life for both men and their partners, quietly affecting some 30 million men.

But it doesn’t have to rob you of your manhood.

The truth is that men can enjoy an active sex life well into their 70s and beyond, even if they have ED. No matter what the cause of ED — surgery, radiation, nerve problems, medications or other factors — there are a wide variety of options available to help you enjoy a satisfying sex life.

See for yourself in Erectile Dysfunction, the new Special Health Report from the men’s health experts at Harvard Medical School. It’s filled with the latest scientific research and expert advice about how to reduce your risk of ED and — just as importantly — how to treat it effectively.

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This encouraging Special Report lays out the most effective treatment options for ED — from medications and easy to use external devices to MUSE therapy, implants, vascular surgery and more — to help you and your partner enjoy the pleasures of sex. You’ll discover:

6 all-natural tips to sidestep — or even reverse — erectile dysfunction. Skip the supplements and try these tips for a better sex life.
Simple therapies that work well for men with diabetes — the most common cause of ED.
Is it mental or physical? Ask yourself these three questions and see how to respond.
Prostate cancer treatment options that offer the best odds for protecting sexual function.
The difference between ED drugs like Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® and which one might be best for you.
The most common hormonal cause of ED — androgen deficiency — and what you can do about it.

How to Overcome ED & Power Up Your Sex Life

Understanding ED
Causes of ED
Diagnosing ED
Treating ED
SPECIAL SECTION: Dozens of ways to shift your sex life into high gear
And more

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SPECIAL SECTION: How to Create a Better Sex Life

No matter how much you enjoy your sex life, it’s likely that you and your partner can improve it. In the special section, you’ll discover tips to help you gain and give more sexual pleasure. And that’s true whether you’re dealing with ED or not. You’ll discover:

How to talk to your partner and help your sex life soar to new levels of excitement.
12 self-help strategies to help get your sex life into a higher gear.
Healthy habits that can shape up your sex drive.
5 ways to put the fun back into sex.
And more!
The type of exercise that offers the most benefit for erectile function.
The diet that may be particularly helpful for men at high risk of ED due to obesity or diabetes.
Medications linked to ED — responsible for 25% of all cases of ED. Discover the most common culprits.
Is depression ruining your sex life? Discover what to do if you answer yes to four of these six questions.
How effective is yohimbine — a natural extract from the bark of the yohimbe plant?
Prostate surgery consequences? Discover “the single most effective treatment available” for men who experience ED as a result of prostate surgery.
New ED therapies on the horizon, including a cream that’s already available in Canada, Mexico, and much of Europe.
And more — including a handy at-a glance chart highlighting the pros and cons of common ED treatments and their cost.

Unable to have sex after prostate surgery, he’s now enjoying better sex than before

Learn about the treatment (not Viagra®) that changed Tim W’s life: “The sexual sensation is exactly the same as before the prostatectomy, but the orgasm is more intense. It is a hotter sensation.” See page 45 for Tim’s candid story with a happy ending.