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Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Doctors Reveal

How to Change Your Life by Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Discover how you can enjoy greater success in school or at work, improve your relationships, and feel a greater sense of peace by cultivating your emotional intelligence.

Do you “stew” or worry about things or replay sad thoughts inside your head? Does the guy who cut you off on the highway skyrocket your blood pressure and leave you feeling angry and annoyed? Do you fret over why someone hasn’t returned a call or text—and assume it’s because of something you did?

Our emotions have a major effect on our behavior, which affects our everyday lives. Although you’re bound to have moments of anger and frustration or worry and anxiety, these thoughts and feelings don’t have to rule your life.

In Emotional Intelligence, a new guide from Harvard Medical School,  you’ll learn the secrets to communicating more effectively, feeling greater compassion for yourself and others, and developing greater empathy.

Download this unique guide today and start practicing the habits and skills that can help you improve your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. See why research shows that people in strong relationships are less likely to develop various physical and mental health problems—even if their relationships weren’t always smooth sailing.

Get valuable tips for changing your thought patterns—it’s the core concept behind the most effective types of therapy... 3 key elements of self-compassion—including why it’s important not to suppress negative emotions… See how to hone your active listening skills through mindfulness—one of the biggest obstacles to resolving conflict and so much more.

You’ll learn how to calm yourself down when you’re angry. It’s not about trying to stop your emotions. Instead you want to pause, breathe and think, rather than just reacting to your feelings.. One powerful technique that can help is cognitive restructuring. Find out how to get started on page 10.

Get tips to help you understand other people’s feelings and emotions. Research shows empathy training can help you improve this skill. You’ll learn the three main ways to cultivate greater empathy, including acknowledging biases…asking questions with sensitivity…and practicing active listening.

Don’t wait. Order your copy of Emotional Intelligence today and be on your way to a happier, healthier, more satisfying life.

Four Doctors

Emotional Intelligence reveals: 

  • How to keep feelings from spiraling out of control. 
  • How biases form and why it’s essential to acknowledge them. 
  • How to respond when someone reveals feelings of sadness or frustration—and why fixing things isn’t always the best response. 
  • The personality trait most people tend to overestimate 
  • The secret to organizing and processing your feelings about difficult experiences. 
  • An everyday mindfulness practice you can start using now. 
  • And so much more!