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Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

Discover how you can end the risk of diverticulitis with simple steps that are easy to digest!

Let the doctors of Harvard Medical School show you how to enjoy improved digestion and achieve enhanced colon health.

Live free from the fear of GI pain and enjoy greater and lasting digestive health!

If your digestive system isn’t as forgiving as it once was, you are not alone. For the majority of adults in the U.S., with age come digestive ailments. including diverticulosis and diverticulitis.

Diverticulosis is defined by small pouches (diverticula) on the walls of the colon. Diverticulitis occurs when a pouch becomes infected, causing abdominal pain, fever, bloating, and even the perforation of the colon.

From page one, you’ll close the book on digestive pain!

This Guide, prepared by Harvard Medical School doctors, shares advances in treating diverticulitis…strategies to prevent the future formation of diverticula…and steps to help you enjoy strengthened digestive wellness.

You’ll be briefed on breakthroughs to address complications triggered by diverticulitis. You’ll be alerted to medications linked to a higher risk of diverticulosis. And you’ll learn about the one test you need to consider now.

You’ll put peace-of-mind back on the menu!

Too often digestive problems can bring unease to mealtime and rob you of accustomed pleasures. In this informative guide, you’ll discover foods that will calm your fears—and calm your digestive system too!

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis offers clarity, encouragement, and most important, direction.  You will read…

… the best foods to lose the digestion blues!  A high-fiber diet, incorporating both soluble and insoluble fiber-rich foods, is the most powerful preventive strategy against diverticular disease. The Guide will tell you which foods are richest in soluble fiber, insoluble fiber—and two foods rich in both!

…the ”here’s-what”…”here’s-how” answers you need. How much fiber in a serving of peas? A cup of blueberries? The Guide provides the fiber content of 95 foods—from bran to beans…fruits to nuts. Plus, you’ll get six proven tips for adding fiber to your diet without the burps or bloating.

…and much more!  You’ll learn the best choices in fiber supplements …the exercises that stimulate digestive wellness…tips for improving regularity… and three more surprising foods that are great for your gut!

Four Doctors

In Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis you’ll discover…

  • the four symptoms that mean get medical care NOW!
  • the one food substitution that can lower diverticulitis risk 20%!
  • the nut with three times more fiber than almonds.
  • what to ask your doctor before taking a fiber supplement.
  • the drink that can keep you regular—even if it’s decaf!
  • the best time to exercise for maximum digestive benefit.
  • 19 foods that can speed recovery from diverticulitis