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Clearing the Fog of Cataracts

Harvard Doctors Reveal

Everything You Need to Know About Cataracts

No one wants to hear their doctor say, “You have cataracts.” And if you ever hear these words, you may think you must have surgery right away. Harvard Medical School experts reveal the newest information about dealing with cataracts…

How to Know if Cataract Surgery is Right for You

Clearing the Fog of Cataracts will tell you who is more likely to develop cataracts. Learn what you can do to improve your vision now, before considering surgery.

You’ll find out everything you need to know to make the right choices about cataract surgery. Discover how to find a skilled surgeon, the different types of surgery, how to choose the right lens for your lifestyle, and what to expect as you recover.

Whether you are worried about changes in your vision, have already been diagnosed with cataracts, or are looking for evidence-based strategies to keep your sharp eyesight as you age, this Harvard Medical School Guide could make all the difference. You’ll discover…

  • Why you might not want to spend your money on expensive premium lenses
  • 7 ways to delay the onset of cataracts
  • The quick 10-question quiz that can help you know when to consider surgery
  • 5 easy ways to work around vision changes due to early cataracts

We’re so sure you’ll agree that Harvard’s Clearing the Fog of Cataracts gives you the information you need to feel confident about making the right decisions about treating your cataracts. we’re backing it with our 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee. Either you love it, or you get a full, prompt, and courteous refund. No questions asked!

Four Doctors

Your Guide, Clearing the Fog of Cataracts, includes:

  • What to eat to help optimize eye health
  • The #1 medication your eye doctor needs to know about prior to cataract surgery
  • Why shrinking your waistline helps vision stay sharp
  • The breakthrough technology that helps you throw away your glasses – even your reading glasses
  • 8 eye-opening symptoms of cataracts
  • Reasons for and against getting both eyes done at the same time
  • And much more!