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Blood Pressure Test

Live free from the dangers of hypertension!

Discover the powerful steps you can take right now to lower your blood pressure and boost your cardiovascular health!

There’s no overestimating the importance of controlling your blood pressure. With a reading of 130/80mm Hg or above you have double the risk of a stroke compared to people with normal blood pressure. More than 45% of all American adults fall into that group. You don’t have to be one of them!

You can lower your blood pressure. And you can do it now!

You can lift the weight and worry of elevated blood pressure. You can lower the risks to your heart and health. This empowering report will show you how. You’ll be introduced to specific, yet simple, lifestyle changes and choices that will pave your way to a lasting reduction in your blood pressure numbers.

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The Special Health Report is designed for success you — and your doctor — can measure! In Controlling Your Blood Pressure, Harvard physicians share proven, practical and effective ways to monitor and manage your blood pressure. The instruction is clear, concise, and uncomplicated. You’ll discover...

...strategies that add up — to less! You’ll look at seven lifestyle changes that can bring your numbers down. You’ll find a “no sweat” exercise to lower blood pressure. You’ll get tips on buying a home monitor... a solution to “white coat” hypertension... and a quick trick to quell and conquer stress.

...foods for thought — and action! You’ll find a diet that outpaces DASH for lowering blood pressure. You’ll meet a delicious superfood rich in all three minerals essential to blood pressure management. You’ll learn strategies to shake the salt habit...good news about coffee...and why snacks may be back.

...the best and safest medications — and more! Do you need a blood pressure medication? You’ll learn how 60 popular medications act on you and how you may react to them. You’ll get tips for taking diuretics... drugs older adults should avoid...and a therapy that may end your need for medications.

You can lower your blood pressure. What’s gone up can come down. Don’t wait. Order your copy of Controlling Your Blood Pressure today!

Controlling Your Blood Pressure
Four Doctors
In Controlling Your Blood Pressure you’ll discover...
the one change that can lower your blood pressure within hours!
why your doctor usually takes a reading on your right arm
the one activity uniquely dangerous if your pressure is high
the overlooked exercise you may want to add to your routine-now!
the best-selling candy that could be spiking your numbers
a daily 20-minute routine that may be as effective as your medications
And so much more!