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Back Pain Test

Don’t be sidelined by an aching back again! Put back pain behind you for good!

Let the doctors of Harvard Medical School show you the advances, breakthroughs, and simple solutions for resolving back pain with confidence, safety, and success.

You don’t have to take back pain lying down. In fact, extended bed rest can stiffen your joints, weaken your muscles, and make the pain even worse.

When it comes to beating back pain, you want to stay active. And you need to be proactive. This Report will ready you to be an active participant in your care and work with your physician to create the most effective treatment plan.

You’ll learn about back pain’s many causes — and how to pinpoint yours. You’ll discover how to take the doubt out of diagnosis. You’ll find the best — and safest — medications to halt pain. You’ll explore emerging outpatient surgical options. And you’ll be briefed on back-healthy habits that are easy to follow.

Guidance that’s honest and upfront — because it’s your back!

It is important that you choose the right treatment strategy for your condition and your concerns. In Back Pain, Harvard doctors offer rigorously-researched assessments of over 36 treatment and diagnostic options. They evaluate therapies and medications. They compare self-help strategies. You’ll learn...

...what your back is trying to tell you. What is that pain when I stand up straight? The shooting pain down my leg? That sudden muscle spasm? The Report will save you uncertainty and anxiety. You’ll recognize telltale symptoms. You’ll learn which tests can help confirm a diagnosis. And you’ll know the best pain-and-problem-solving steps to make. and techniques to kick start relief. You’ll shorten the route to reducing pain and restoring function. The report highlights complementary therapies to speed recovery. It shares effective strengthening exercises...reliable and fast-acting medications...and five ways to lessen future back pain risk.

...the “new and improved” advances in back surgery. The report examines the growing number of minimally-invasive choices for disc surgery. You’ll read about surgery for spinal stenosis...whether to consider spinal fusion...and seven specific questions to ask yourself before deciding on surgery.

Don’t wait! Order Back Pain: Finding Solutions for your Aching Back now!

Back Pain: Finding solutions for your aching back
Four Doctors

Good news for bad backs! In Back Pain you’ll discover...

  • 6 safe medications that work in minutes and quell pain for hours
  • How to break the recurring cycle of “sprain and strain” back pain
  • A one-hour procedure to seal a painful vertebral fracture
  • 5 integrative therapies to ease and relieve chronic back pain
  • A high-tech solution that may be an alternative to spinal fusion
  • The 9 easy exercises that can protect you from low back pain
  • Important back-saving steps for adults and children.
  • And so much more!