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In-water workouts

Join the health-smart adults taking the plunge and enjoying the benefits!

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Gym or swim? Both can add to cardio fitness, build strength, boost your mood, ease chronic pain, improve your sleep, and reduce risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

But water-based exercise offers advantages you can’t get on land. It’s gentler on your joints, encourages flexibility, works more muscles, minimizes soreness, and fends off boredom.

Aqua Fitness, a new report from Harvard Medical School, explains how water exercise works your whole body, lessens impact, is an ideal environment for resistance training, and eliminates the risk of a fall. Plus, you’ll get six stellar workouts to get the most from your pool time.

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Aqua Fitness features pool-based routines, from swimming to pool jogging, and even interval training. You’ll find expert instruction and illuminating illustrations that will assure you that you enjoy and benefit from each workout, including...

  • No-Swim Lap Workout. A great exercise to tone the muscles in your legs and buttocks. And jogging in water kicks up your calorie burn as much as 60%! You’ll get tips to keep laps fun and challenge your body in new ways.
  • The Cardio Workout. A series of seven exercises that will have you jumping but is easy on your joints with water’s ability to cushion impact as you strengthen your heart.
  • Basic Swimming Workout. Worried about endurance? Don’t be! This build-up training plan will have you swimming continuous laps within just five weeks.
  • The Resistance Workout. Water’s density provides enough resistance for a challenging workout without dumbbells, resistance bands, or weights. You’ll find nine engaging exercises that work all of your major muscle groups.
  • Interval Swimming Workouts. Interval swims alternate pace and strokes to incorporate vigorous activity with leisurely recovery. You’ll build strength and stamina.

Plus, you’ll get tips for a 10-minute in-water warmup, for post-workout stretches, streamlining your stroke, selecting the best swimwear and gear, staying well-hydrated, and much more.

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