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A Guide to Cognitive Fitness

A dynamic 6-step program

created to help you achieve a lifetime of robust cognitive fitness!

As we grow older, the goal isn’t simply to reach our 80s or 90s, but to remain mentally sharp throughout the process. The good news is you can!

Research is proving there’s a lot you can do to keep your brain healthy, lessen the risk of brain disease, and stay cognitively fit for a lifetime.

Six steps for brain power that goes the distance!

This Special Health Report will introduce you to an empowering six-step program that can make a lasting difference to your future. Taken together, these steps can strengthen your intellectual prowess, invigorate your memory, and protect the brain-based skills essential for full, rewarding and independent living.

You’ll discover how, by integrating simple, specific changes—in diet, exercise, and lifestyle—into your daily routine, you can add years of enduring mental stamina and vitality. The Special Health Report will show you how to

…“super-max” the benefits of food and exercise. Are there brain foods? There sure are! (The top five are revealed on page 25.) Can exercise give a memory boost? You bet! (Two no-sweat choices on page 33). Is there a diet to cut the risk of Alzheimer’s? Yes—by as much as 50%! (See page 28)

…recapture needed sleep…and release unwanted stress. With age, you may find it harder to get the sleep essential for memory. Chronic stress can have damaging effects on key areas of the brain. This Special Health Report provides explicit, winning strategies to resolve your issues with sleep and stress.

…stay connected…and challenged! Steady social contact protects cognitive function as you age. Intellectually challenging activities keep your brain agile. This Special Health Report is packed with ideas for building strong social networks… for constructing rigorous mental workouts… and more!

Don’t wait! Order your copy of The Guide to Cognitive Fitness now!

A Guide to Cognitive Fitness
Four Doctors

In Harvard Medical School’s Guide to Cognitive Fitness you’ll find…

  • the one vitamin your brain must have
  • three surprisingly-easy ways to cross-train your brain
  • two morning tricks that can help you sleep better at night
  • Should you worry? 10 measures of normal vs. abnormal aging
  • 5 social activities that will get you thinking
  • the one part of your brain you want to shrink—and why! 
  • the “little” fruit that can do big things for your memory