Harvard Health Minute Video Series

The "hip hike" exercise for building hip strength

The hip hike is used to build hip strength if you're about to get into a running or walking program. It's easy, but you can also perform the hip hike by holding a chair to steady yourself. Make sure you're standing on a low, but stable, platform before you begin. More »

The "alphabet exercise" for foot and ankle strength

It's easy. Make believe your big toe is a pencil and sketch out the alphabet. These muscle movements will help build foot and ankle strength, which aids balance and helps prevents falls. You can learn more at the Harvard online course Exercises for Bone Strength. More »

Core Exercises: Pelvic Curl

Harvard fitness expert Michele Stanten takes you through a simple exercise to tighten your abs, strengthen your back, and improve your balance. More »

Parenting in a pandemic

Watch our timely "Parenting in a Pandemic" Zoomcast. Claire McCarthy, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and senior faculty editor at Harvard Health Publishing, discusses parenting children and teens when the outlook is cloudy for many favorite summer pastimes and jobs. She also offers pointers for staying safe as state restrictions lift, takes a look toward return-to-school in the fall, and explains what is and isn't known about a rare complication of COVID-19 called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).   More »