Nutrition Articles

How much meat can you eat

Many studies link higher meat consumption to increased health problems. It is reasonable to eat a limited amount of meat or try having several meat-free days per week. Meat has dietary value, but other foods provide similar nutrients. (Locked) More »

Are weight-loss drugs worth trying?

Four new weight-loss drugs expand options for treating obesity and may be safer than earlier versions. They should be used as part of an overall program that includes diet, exercise, and often counseling. More »

Calcium supplements for bone health: Do you really need them?

Dietary guidelines recommend a relatively large amount of daily calcium—1,000 to 1,200 milligrams per day—to prevent bone fractures. It can be difficult to get that much without taking a supplement. Recent science has called the high recommended daily intake into question. Common calcium-rich foods can provide most of men’s daily needs. (Locked) More »

Cholesterol: What's diet got to do with it?

For many people, focusing on lowering dietary cholesterol alone has little effect on their blood cholesterol level. Limiting saturated fat (found mainly in animal-based foods like meat and cheese) may help lower blood cholesterol. But the source of calories used to replace those missing calories makes a difference. Substituting with unsaturated fats (found in fish, nuts, and plant oils) is likely beneficial, while substituting with refined carbohydrates (foods full of white flour or sugar) is not. (Locked) More »