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An Aingeal to watch over you

For people in the hospital, a miniature sensor attached to the torso can transmit vital information about the heart and breathing to doctors and nurses in the hospital. (Locked) More »

When an implantable defibrillator fails

Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators can stop a potentially deadly heart rhythm and restore a healthy one. Repeated bending and flexing can cause their leads to fail. Replacement or removal is an option. (Locked) More »

MRI and pacemakers: A risky mix

Unless you have an MRI-friendly pacemaker, a CT scan may be safer. In multiple studies, the powerful magnets in MRI units have caused pacemakers to change their settings and the leads in both types of devices to become superheated. Some deaths have occurred during inadvertent, unmonitored scanning of patients with pacemakers, although the exact reasons are unknown. Computed tomography (CT) is often recommended as an alternative imaging test. (Locked) More »

Robotics help stroke survivors walk again

For people with difficulty walking after a stroke, exoskeletons hold exciting promise. These robotic, computer-controlled devices provide physical support while helping move patients' legs back and forth. (Locked) More »

Update on cataract surgery and replacement lenses

Ophthalmologists have been using high-speed lasers for some time to perform LASIK procedures.  Now some are using similar technology to perform cataract surgery. Proponents say these lasers, which are guided by computers, will make cataract surgery that much safer. But so far, these are just claims without a great deal of quality evidence to back them up. One question, though, is whether the technical improvements in the operation will translate into significantly better outcomes. Then the question becomes whether they are worth the additional cost. (Locked) More »

Small step forward for stem cells, giant leaps remain

In a very small study, stem cells from heart tissue helped boost pumping power in the hearts of heart attack survivors. But as encouraging as the findings were, stem cell research is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before yielding effective treatments for heart disease. (Locked) More »