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Monitoring your heart rhythm with a smartphone: A good call?

Smartphone apps that detect possible atrial fibrillation (afib) may one day help improve screening for this common heart rhythm disorder. One app currently under development relies on the phone’s camera and flash to measure color changes in a person’s finger to detect a pulse and any irregularities. Another, which is placed on a user’s chest, relies on the phone’s internal sensors that track speed, movement, and orientation.  (Locked) More »

Bypass surgery after a stent?

After an artery-opening angioplasty plus a stent, a person may need bypass surgery in the future. Likewise, some people who have bypass surgery may later need a stent. Neither procedure stops atherosclerosis, the disease that clogs heart arteries.  More »

FDA approves first absorbable stent

The FDA approved the first artery-opening stent made from a substance that biodegrades in about three years. The new stents appear to work as well as older metal stents, but blood clots may be more likely to form inside the absorbable stents.  More »

What is a synthetic human genome?

A group of scientists wants to develop technology to create a synthetic human genome, which could lead to improved organ transplantation, vaccines and medicines, and to new ways to fight cancer and infections. (Locked) More »

5 ways the Internet can help you boost your health

Online access can help people improve their health. The Internet can be a resource for researching health conditions, symptoms, and treatments; a way to connect socially with friends, family, and even long-lost acquaintances; a means of reaching health care providers through portals; a link to diet and nutrition information, including advice about how to eat healthier; and a helpful exercise resource, with lists and videos of suggested workouts and information about local exercise classes. (Locked) More »