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From improved strength, balance, and mobility, to lower stress, better sleep, and sharper memory...

It’s no surprise that 25% of office-based physicians are prescribing yoga to their patients. That’s welcome news because recent studies show this mind-body practice can ease arthritis pain, lower high blood pressure, boost immunity, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Choose The Style Of Yoga That Feels Right For You

Some styles of yoga and some instructors may put a greater emphasis on one component or another. For example, a gym class will likely emphasize physical postures while others might emphasize proper alignment or the linking of movement with breath. No style is better or worse than another—it’s all about finding what’s right for you.

In “Yoga And You”, you’ll get all the facts to choose the style of yoga that feels right for you, taking into account your fitness level and goals.

Discover more than 30 yoga demonstration videos showing proper poses and form!

After learning about yoga's body and mind benefits and how to prepare for a regular practice, you'll find demonstrations for more than 30 yoga poses and movements, complete with instructions and tips. They fall into these categories:

Chair yoga is a perfect place to start if you have balance issues or difficulty getting down on the floor. It's also a good supplementary practice for anyone who is stuck sitting for long periods of time at work, in a car, or on a plane. Even practicing a few of the moves will help to get your blood flowing and stretch your muscles so you feel better.

Standing yoga can help you get stronger, balance better, and become more flexible. Practice it solo for a quick yoga session, or combine it with the floor routine for a longer yoga workout.

Floor yoga exercises will really stretch you out, improving flexibility and helping you to relax. You’ll also get some muscle-strengthening benefits, especially if you try some of the “make it harder” poses such as downward-facing dog and cobra.

PLUS — You’ll receive WARM-UPS and FINISHING MOVES to complete your relaxing yoga practice!

The ten churnings loosen up your joints and serve as a warm-up and helps you get moving in the morning or to counteract stiffness after sitting for too long. Finishing moves such as breathing practices, relaxation, meditation, and yoga flows help you “cool-down” after a yoga session.

Yoga Is The Perfect Individual or Group Activity

After taking this course and customizing your own yoga program, you may find yourself wanting to engage in additional practices with greater diversity, depth, and challenge. In-person group classes, online classes, apps, and DVDs can all provide new routines.

This course will help you find an appropriate in-person or virtual class and instructor. It takes some effort and care to find the perfect yoga environment for you. Besides helping find in-person classes, you’ll learn to evaluate other online programs, too.

You’ll have everything you need to reap the incredible health benefits of yoga! So what are you waiting for? Click below to start your class TODAY!