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Workout Workbook: 9 complete workouts to help you get fit and healthy

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At last! Exercises that will get you moving — and keep you motivated!

In one book, nine complete workouts that beat the boredom barrier and help you to gain greater fitness, more energy, and a longer, healthier life!

You know you should exercise. Regular exercise can add years to your life — healthy, active years. Exercise lowers heart disease risk, protects against some cancers, strengthens joints, and even keeps your mind sharper.

But too often, exercise routines become just that — routine. We get bored, we skip days, we find excuses.

With the Workout Workbook, you may get sore (at first) — but you won’t get bored. You’ll get moving with more than 80 exercises that will improve your fitness, challenge your body, and hold your interest.

The report presents a blend of exercises that promote all-around fitness, reduce the risk of developing a host of life-shortening diseases, and boost your ability to fend off infection — not to mention keep your physique firmer and spirits higher.

Prepared by master trainers, these workouts will help you achieve better cardiovascular health, greater muscle power, stronger bones, increased flexibility, and enhanced balance.

These are workouts that keep you on track and coming back. Each exercise can be tailored to your fitness level and your schedule. And each exercise is illustrated with instructive photographs to help you maintain the proper form for greatest gains.

Discover the exercises that break the routine, respect your time, and reward your efforts. Order your copy of Workout Workbook now!