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If you’ve ever been sidelined by an allergy’ sneezes and sniffles, or been embarrassed by an allergic rash or runny eyes, now you can say “enough!”

Whether you are plagued by seasonal allergies, discomforted by household dust and dander, or troubled with food allergies, Controlling Your Allergies will show you how to ease symptoms and reduce your susceptibility.

Controlling Your Allergies is an encompassing and empowering guide that reveals how to definitively identify offending allergens, swiftly alleviate symptoms, and securely protect yourself against recurrence.

With growing medical focus on allergies, Harvard doctors have distilled the latest and most useful advances into this Special Health Report. You’ll read about…

…the best testing to end the guessing.  Allergic reactions can be triggered by hundreds of different allergens in the air, in your home or on your plate.   You’ll be briefed on testing advances that can confirm your specific allergen sensitivity quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

…the smartest choices in allergy relievers. Allergy symptoms are irritating and uncomfortable. Untreated, they can lead to asthma and infection. You’ll learn which medications — from creams and capsules to sprays and shots — are the fastest, safest, and most effective. 

…the right-now steps that can “allergy-proof” your future. The best medicine is to stop allergies before they start. In the Special Health Report you’ll find out about breakthroughs in halting early food allergies, ways to eliminate household allergens, how to get ahead of seasonal allergies,  and more. 

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In Controlling Your Allergies you’ll discover…

  • the most reliable treatments for rhinitis, eczema, hives, and more
  • the surprising way you may lower your child’s risk of allergies
  • a 6-step asthma action plan for fast relief and peace-of-mind
  • the 2 foods most responsible for adult-onset food allergies
  • 10 tips for minimizing pollen exposure (You’ll love #5!)
  • 5 OTC meds that give faster relief from allergic conjunctivitis
  • Shocker!  A food allergen manufacturers add without telling you!
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