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Understanding Depression

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How to fight depression — and win!

Discover 12 strategies to help you can banish the blues and restore your energy, enthusiasm, and joy of living.

We all feel sadness at times, but depression is different.  It lasts.  It saps interest, steals energy, and seals you off.  But although depression may make hope hard to find, help is more available — and effective — than ever.

In this Special Health Report you’ll learn about 12 “exit strategies” that can help you — or a loved one — leave depression and its symptoms behind.

You’ll find the new advances — in medications, therapy, and self-care — that can get you back to the “old you” more quickly. You’ll gain insight to work intelligently with your doctor to utilize the options that are best for you.

Edited by Harvard doctors who are practicing physicians, Understanding Depression shares strategies that have proven their effectiveness in treating depression’s many forms, causes, and symptoms.  You’ll find …

…unbiased evaluations of the most-prescribed medications. Alone, or with other strategies, medications underpin many approaches. You’ll learn about the most effective antidepressants, most reliable mood stabilizers, and a breakthrough antidepressant that may ease symptoms in just two hours.

… outspoken comparisons of key non-drug therapies. By encouraging constructive ways of thinking, these therapies can restore hope and happiness. You’ll find the best therapy to rekindle self-esteem, to overcome social isolation, and a simple approach that helps you push back against adversity.

…plus more ways for you to fight depression — and win! You’ll read about alternative strategies and self-care steps you can take to put pleasure back in your life. You’ll find exercises that can lift depression, six mood-improving foods, and a “stimulating” technique with a 90% response rate!

Don’t wait!  Send for your copy of Understanding Depression now!