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Stroke: Diagnosing, treating, and recovering from a "brain attack" Sumo

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Take the smart steps today to safeguard your tomorrows!

Discover how you can attain greater protection against the causes and consequences of a stroke!

The medical definition is straightforward: “A stroke occurs when blood flow to part of the brain is disrupted, depriving it of oxygen and crucial nutrients.”

The reality is a stroke can deprive you of so much more. It can undermine your self-confidence. It can threaten your mobility and independence. It can upend your life, your plans, and the lives of those you depend upon and love.

You can strengthen your defenses against stroke — starting now!

In this new report, Harvard doctors share the latest developments in the prevention and treatment of stroke. You’ll learn about the risk factors you can control. You’ll read about the game-changing benefits of rapid accurate diagnosis. You’ll explore exciting progress in treatment. And you’ll be introduced to innovative rehabilitation programs furthering fuller recoveries.

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You can have greater security from a stroke. You can act to assure that you, or a loved one, receive the best immediate treatment and most restorative care. Stroke offers insights for better outcomes, with guidance that is clear, concise, and uncomplicated. You’ll discover...

...the preventive measures that matter most! You’ll look at seven life-style changes that lower the risk of stroke. You’ll find the best diet strategy to lower blood pressure. You’ll read about an alternative to blood thinners ...breakthroughs in cholesterol control... and the lowdown on low-dose aspirin.

...important advances in diagnosis and treatment! You’ll learn about the scan top medical centers now use first — and why. You’ll read about a break-through that extends the time to remove a clot...a less-invasive procedure to reopen a blocked carotid artery... and emerging options in antiplatelet therapy.

...broadening avenues to recovery! You’ll be introduced to therapies that are renewing skills with greater success. You’ll find a novel technique for reviving verbal proficiency...devices that can encourage more confident mobility...and an effective method for restoring the essentials of daily living.

You can reduce the dangers of stroke. You can live with less risk and greater peace-of-mind. Don’t wait. Order your copy of Stroke today!

In Stroke you’ll discover...

why women are at a greater risk of stroke — and its effects.
the essential next steps if you or a loved one suffer a ministroke
10 questions to ask before selecting a rehabilitation program
the diagnostic test that’s key to averting a fatal treatment error
eight safe and effective ways to ease post-stroke pain
Behind the numbers: How doctors score stroke severity
BONUS SECTION: The most powerful ways to prevent a stroke

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