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Stretching: 35 stretches to improve flexibility and reduce pain

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Stretch away arthritis, back, and
knee pain and improve your balance!

See for yourself why stretching is one of the best things you can do for your health — by taking the quick video tour below of this report from Harvard Health Publishing. You’ll see how simple moves can help ease pain, improve your balance, and prevent life-changing falls.

Your report includes photos and instructions for 35 stretches, including:

10 moves to improve flexibility and ease tight muscles
9 stretches to ease an aching back
8 ways to loosen up stiff, sore knees
The best stretches to improve posture and ease neck and shoulder pain
Tips to help you customize any routine to make it easier or more challenging
5 stretches that target key leg and upper body muscles vital for walking, running, and reaching

Plus, you get:

Charts that detail which stretches are best for a variety of sports, from golf and tennis to swimming and skiing.
Special warm-up routine section with dynamic stretches that help you loosen joints and increase your range of motion.
FREE Online Access to additional stretching exercises with master trainer Josie Gardiner — details are on page 17 of the report.
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the $29 cover price
Best time of day to stretch if you have arthritis
Beware the popular stretch that can actually injure muscles
Loosen up the three muscles that could cause knee pain
Help for desk jockeys! Stretches that help ease neck and shoulder pain
And so much more!

*Generally speaking, stretching is a safe activity. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.