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Stretching: 35 stretches to improve flexibility and reduce pain

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Stretch Away Arthritis, Back, and Knee Pain and Improve Your Balance!
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For years, people assumed stretching was something only athletes needed to do before exercising or competing. But the reality is that doing simple stretches just two or three times a week can dramatically help anyone increase flexibility, improve balance, and relieve the pain caused by muscle and joint stiffness.

Stretching is a simple and safe way to help prevent life-changing falls that can threaten your independence.

You’ll get photos and instructions for how to do 35 stretches, including:

10 moves to improve flexibility and ease tight muscles
9 stretches to ease an aching back
8 ways to loosen up stiff, sore knees
The best stretches to improve posture and ease neck and shoulder pain
Tips to help you customize any routine to make it easier or more challenging
5 stretches that target key leg and upper body muscles vital for walking, running, and reaching

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Try this stretch to help ease back pain and even sciatica.*

This is a very important stretch because it targets the buttocks, hips, and outer thighs. If you have trouble grasping your thigh with both hands, put a strap or small towel around the back of the thigh and hold both ends.

Plus, you get:

  • FREE access to our online stretching videos with master trainer Josie Gardiner — details are on page 17 of the report.
  • Charts that detail which stretches are best for a variety of sports, from golf to tennis to walking or skiing.
  • Special warm-up routine section with dynamic stretches that help you loosen up joints and increase your range of motion.

*Generally speaking, stretching is a safe activity. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.