Ease the tensions! Let Stress Management show you how to lessen stress, avoid its triggers, minimize its effects, and enjoy each day with greater assurance and satisfaction.

We are beset by stress ...from masking to multitasking ...from a frozen computer to a frustrating commute...from your family’s finances to your own personal health.

Stress Management is, quite literally, a calming influence. You’ll learn how to relieve escalating stress... how to release tension and anxiety... and how to sidestep stress-inducing situations and individuals.

Discover the practical, positive self-help strategies that will keep life in perspective and you in control!

New from Harvard Health Publishing, this course gives you the tools to develop a ready response to stress with techniques that are proven and powerful. The course is impactful, engaging, and effective.

Stress can make you see red. It can make you feel blue. And stress can color your physical health in unwelcome ways. It can contribute to heart disease and stroke. It can trigger asthma attacks. It can slow healing. Mounting evidence shows stress can even accelerate aging.

Stress Management will show you how to capably address stress, dispel anger and anxiety, and boost your body’s defenses against stress-related illnesses. You’ll learn a wealth of self-empowering steps that will give you a ready ability to defeat stress.

So, what’s in the course? Here’s just a preview. (And don’t stress, there are no exams!)

In fact, just relax... You’ll learn why the relaxation response is one of the best defenses against stress. You’ll be introduced to twelve strategies that provide a calming focus and subdue stressful thoughts. You’ll master deep breathing. You’ll discover stress-relief exercises...see how a “body scan” can melt tension...and enjoy the soothing practice of mindfulness.

... boost your bounce-back...Your wellness depends on both the amount of stress in your life and your ability to deal with it — that is, your resilience. You’ll discover steps to build your resilience including eating well, exercising, and nurturing yourself. Plus, you’ll find tips for communicating effectively and for letting go of sad or hurtful feelings .

...and think good thoughts! Your glass doesn’t have to be just half full; it can be brimming over! You’ll learn how to reframe negative thoughts. You’ll discover five ways to reinforce a positive outlook. You’ll find how to use the energy of stress to your advantage ...how to strengthen your social bonds...savor pleasure as it occurs...and even laugh a bit more.

Plus, in the course you’ll get guidance for easing eight common stressors. You’ll find ways to resolve conflict at home or the office. And you’ll learn how to help teens cope with stress and older adults cope with loss.

Your source for guidance you can trust and use!

The encouragement and direction offered in Stress Management is straight-forward and science-based. Direct from Harvard Medical School, the course presents techniques that have consistently demonstrated their ability to ease stress and sustain personal happiness and self-assurance.

You’ll get helpful tips for dealing with the impending stress of an important meeting, a delayed flight, or when faced with situations or people that annoy you.

You’ll find stress-relievers that take just moments to work their magic. You’ll discover a trick to mentally lock out worries and learn the healing power of journaling.

Stress inevitably enters our lives. With this course you’ll have exit strategies to banish the pressures of stress and halt its effect on your health and well-being.

You can have the upper hand when you face stress!

As you incorporate the course’s strategies into your life, you’ll experience a sense of relief. You’ll end needless and destructive worry. You’ll pro-actively shield your body from health-threatening stress. And you’ll enjoy the happiness and contentment that comes with greater peace of mind.

This breakthrough learning package will bring confidence in your ability to cope with any stress thrown your way. Packed with illuminating slides and videos, instructive click-and-expand panels, worksheets and more, this is online learning at its best. Don’t wait. Invest in yourself! Order today!