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Strength and Power Training for All Ages

Discover the huge health benefits of strength training 

with 4 New Total Body Workouts! 

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy as you age is by doing strength and power training exercises. You may know that starting in our thirties, we all begin to lose muscle mass. This loss actually contributes to achy joints, increased risk of injury, and the “middle-age spread” we all dread. What’s more, the older we get, the faster muscle mass disappears. That means that eventually, simple tasks like getting out of a chair and climbing stairs can become more difficult.

Strength training can help you build muscle, make you strong, increase your endurance and make everyday activities easier.  By combining strength and power training exercises you’ll not only get stronger, you’ll build speed and improve your reaction time. That’s critical as you age, because it can help prevent falls.

Get your copy of Strength and Power Training for All Ages today and learn:

  • The key muscles to work for a fit, injury-free body
  • Why you should count out loud as you lift weights
  • How to strengthen the bones that are most likely to fracture—like your hips, spine and wrists
  • How to take pressure off your knees when walking or running
  • Exercise precautions you’ll need to take if you're taking a beta-blocker 
  • Why you’ll want to apply heat to sore joints before you exercise
  • How just thinking about the muscle you’re working actually improves results
  • How to tell how much weight is right for you—and how many sets of each exercise you should do
  • And more

How to Lose Weight without Losing Muscle!

If you’re trying to lose weight by cutting calories, you’re likely losing muscle, too. But strength training can counteract this effect. According to a research review in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, on average, 27% of the weight lost by dieting is muscle. Those who combined dieting with cardio exercise cut muscle loss in half. But when participants combined dieting and resistance training (strength training), all of the pounds lost were fat. What’s more, the more muscle you have and the stronger your muscles are—the more benefits you’ll get beyond weight loss. You’ll develop a slimmer, firmer figure and have the energy to be more active. And, you’ll get more from cardio workouts because you’ll be able to go faster and last longer.

Strength and Power Training for All Ages

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Help your health with 4 total body workouts:

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Build bones
  • Improve balance
  • Increase muscle power
  • Burn FAT
  • Fight disease

Plus get 2 Special Bonus Sections at no extra cost: Plyometrics Power Moves and Stretching Exercises.

 A peek inside ths report:

  • Basic Workout with 10 strength-training exercises
  • Resistance Band Workout with 11 exercises 
  • Medicine Ball Workout with 8 power moves
  • Kettle Bell Workout with 8 moves that combine strength, power training and cardio into one workout
  • More than 130 detailed, how-to photos
  • More than 100 tips and techniques to help you do each move correctly