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Skin Care and Repair

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Best Skin Care Secrets

Your skin is more than a simple covering — it’s actually your body’s largest organ. And just like your heart, lungs, and other organs, if you don’t take care of it, you can end up having problems.

In this Special Health Report, experts from Harvard Medical School show you how to prevent and treat 16 common skin conditions — including skin cancer. They reveal the truth about many of today’s anti-aging creams and lotions, review the top cosmetic procedures so you know what to expect and how effective they are, and even give you a ballpark cost for each one.

Your Skin Care and Repair report will show you:

The best ways to treat everything from athlete’s foot and acne to psoriasis, rosacea, toenail fungus, and warts
Surprising facts about skin cancer — like signs other than moles you should check your skin for right now
Anti-aging skin care that works — including a cream that really helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles
And more!

Plus, you get a Special Bonus Section that reveals smart ways to protect and care for your skin, such as:

6 steps to giving yourself a thorough skin exam
How to tan without the risk of skin cancer
3 musts for beautiful skin
23 drugs that make your skin more sensitive to the sun


And that’s not all. You’ll get the latest information on a variety of skin conditions like adult acne, eczema, drug-resistant skin infections, hair loss, psoriasis, shingles, and more. You’ll learn how to detect a skin condition that is a precursor to squamous cell carcinoma, and how to treat it if you’ve got it now — plus so much more!