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Positive Psychology

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Master the techniques psychotherapists now use to treat depression, anxiety, addictions, conflict

Do you feel compelled to constantly check your smartphone for texts, emails or social media posts? Do you find yourself multi-tasking throughout the day just to get things done?

Yes? Then you may be robbing yourself of the very happiness, peace and joy you crave.

Happily, there is a simple remedy. According to the latest research, a powerful technique called “mindfulness”—the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—has been found to be the key element to happiness and a healthier mind and body.

The key to harnessing greater peace and happiness

Order your copy of Positive Psychology today and discover the many ways this technique can help liberate you from the stress, anxiety and depression you may be facing. You’ll discover how to help:

  • Increase your focus, alertness and mental relaxation with simple mindfulness techniques. 
  • Short-circuit the anxiety caused by Facebook envy, Twitter rage and other social media hazards. 
  • Build deeper and more intimate long-term relationships. 
  • Employ simple activities that lead to happier, more resilient relationships. 
  • Let go of resentment, envy and grudges—emotions that hurt you more than they hurt people who may have wronged you. 
  • Stop beating yourself up when things go wrong—with powerful “self-compassion” techniques. 
  • Experience the “warm glow” of happiness by re-discovering a universal trait of a life well-lived.
  • Develop the resilience to handle difficulties more easily and bounce back more rapidly after dramatic or unpleasant events. 
  • And more powerful techniques from the mental health experts at Harvard Medical School.