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Pain Relief without Drugs or Surgery

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Worry-free Ways to Pain-free Living!

Confront chronic pain without side effects. Enjoy lasting relief without the pitfalls of medication or the perils of surgery.

In Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery, you’ll find 27 strategies that employ the resources and responses of your own body and mind to conquer chronic pain. These are treatments you can turn to without trepidation, measures that don’t mask pain but authentically and naturally end its onset and prevent recurrence.

You can defeat pain when you put your mind and body to it!

Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery is filled with natural steps and integrative strategies that can help adults quell and repel chronic pain effectively and permanently.

You’ll read about...

...”thought-provoking“ strategies to supplant and uproot pain! You’ll see how, with focused thoughts and actions, you can diminish your perception of pain. You’ll learn the keys to achieving mindfulness...the power of music...a technique to jam pain signals... and even hobbies that hobble pain.

... tested techniques to relax and release your body from pain. You’ll discover proactive, hands-on ways to ward off pain. You’ll witness the power of therapeutic massage to close the pain gate...the extended benefits of acupuncture...and two easy exercises that calm the mind and invigorate the body.

... how to halt the pain you fear and face the most! You’ll learn how to address and ease the ten common pain-inducing conditions adults confront most often. You’ll get specific guidance from head to toe and in-between. You’ll find solutions that are natural, and above all, effective and safe!

Discover how you can finally have lasting independence from chronic pain.